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Part number, 24265

This damper is internal balanced, (NEUTRAL), used on most sbc engines. Not used on the 400 sbc engines or most non forged 383 stroker crankshafts. The term internal balanced damper refers to the lack of any built in weight or offset in the casting. When identifying your existing damper, (balancer) you must look on the backside. This is not visible if the damper is mounted on the engine. If your damper has no offset in the casting or weight, then you have an internal, (neutral) style damper. If you do see the offset in the casting or a weight, you have what is classified as an external damper, commonly used on all 400 sbc engines. See our other listings for the external model. As far as size, most sbc engines use a 6.75 or and 8" Both are interchangable. The larger 8" damper performs its job of dampening crank harmonics slightly better, but adds much more rotational drag. We use the 6.75 size on most every sbc engine we build, but the 8" can is recommended for those driving excess mileage. No adverse affects noticed using the 8 INCH size. Some cars do not allow the use of the larger 8" damper, as it may interfere with chassis components. Be sure and check this out before purchasing. We have noticed this on several cars, notably some Corvettes. Late model one pc. rear main seal engines also use the neutral, (internal bal.) damper, but do not use a neutral flexplate. Most early sbc engines that use the neutral damper also use a neutral flexplate. Be sure of which you need before purchasing. You will for sure know if you have the wrong damper on the engine, as it will have a serious vibration. Remember, neutral dampers, have no weights or offset in the casting. They are perfectly balanced, hence the term neutral.

See our other listings for the 6.75" version of the damper. We also have the external, (weighted) dampers available in our other listings. We recommend that the mounting bolt and washer be replaced when installing a new damper. See our other listings for additional accessories.

The ProStreet series harmonic balancer made by Pro/Race Performance Products is suitable for most high performance street applications and mild (non SFI) racing applications to 6500 RPM.

Fits internally balanced (neutral) small block Chevy 283, 302, 305, 307, 327, and 350 V8 engines and is 8" in diameter.

The ProStreet line of balancers are intended for non-SFI high performance applications. Although primarily meant for street use, these balancers are also suitable for racing applications where there is no requirement to meet SFI specifications.

24265 Internal, neutral 8" 6500 11.75


  • Precision machined from nodular iron much stronger than oem, stock. 
  • Outer ring and hub are bonded together to prevent slippage 
  • Correct crank bore for proper fit to crankshaft  
  • High gloss black finish with bright white timing marks plus marks at every 90°
  • RPM Rating: to 6500 RPM  

A very wise investment when building an engine is to replace the balancer, (damper) The are an elastomer type balancer, much like the ones used from the factory. The principal component to their operation is a bonded elastomer ring which adheres to the inertia ring and hub. Far superior in design to the oem stock dampers. If your considering using your old, possibly original damper, then you should know there is a great chance the elastomer band is dry rotted, and not adhering as it should to the inner ring and outer hub. If this is the case, then damaging harmonics are not dampen as they should be. If your original damper is not functioning as it should you will not notice it, as it has little to do with how much vibration is transferred into the vehicle. You simply cant base the condition of your damper on whether or not you can feel it in car or not. It would be fair to say if your damper is more than 15 years old it is not functioning the way it should. One more good reason to replace the damper is the poorly visible timing marks on the oem damper. This makes it near impossible to set your timing properly. One feature about the Pro Race dampers are the highly visible timing marks. Notice in the picture below. We find this priceless when it comes to setting timing on an engine. Your view to the balancer is often limited in most cars, and being able to see the timing marks is a must. We have seen other dampers on the market for less money, and have had the opportunity to purchase them. They are horrible in appearance, and the timing marks are hardly visible.These no name low cost dampers could also break under high rpm if the metal is not properly cast. We also found the diameter of the center to be slightly undersized, requiring the need for broaching. We returned them. These dampers are of the lowest quality of any product we have ever seen. They are being sold online from various performance car parts companies, that could car less of the safety issues or function of the product.

When you receive your Pro Race damper, you will notice the appearance to be of the best you will ever see. We carry most of the Pro Race line, and consider them a first rate product, for the lowest cost you will find. All this may sound like a nothing more than a sales pitch, and I suppose it is, but heed our warning about the low quality balancers on the market. The price will be the best indicator. They may be marked under several names, or no name at all. We are not permitted to mention those names, just beware of an equal size and type damper for less money. THEY ARE GARBAGE IN OUR OPINION.

A note from our company president, Skip White:

If you have read some of our other adds, you will not notice us giving this tone of advice against other simular products. We have seen others market a knockoff no name damper that has to be the worst product we have ever seen. Nothing against knock off products, but some are worth warning about. These low quality dampers being sold by many are terrible. The appearance is very poor, and the center hole is often out of spec, not to mention the dull paint on these dampers was flaking off and sticking to the carton. The casting was not machine finished, but rough cast as you would see on an engine block. What worried us more than anything is knowing that the design of an elastomer style damper is very critical in how well the material is bonded between the inner and outer ring. This must be able to withstand the constant osilation and heat for many years. The elastomer must be made of a material that wont dry out any time soon, and one more very important aspect of this material is it s durometer rating, pardon if I ve have the spelling or terminology wrong. The durometer rating or it could be termed it s resilience, is very important, as this is to be in tune with the crank harmonics or it will not be able to do it s job properly. Knowing how much pride Pro/Race Perfromance Products takes in everything they make, we are confident this factor has been addressed. They offer a full line of dampers, as well as many that are SFI rated. It is sad that many other sellers do not care about the quality or safety of what they sell. I wonder if they are clueless as to the importance of how a damper works, not to mention the safety issues or if they just dont care. When I m standing over an engine and we are timing it, I like to rev the engine up to around 4000 rpm or more to make sure I m getting a total timing reading, as some distributors have very aggressive springs in them. I would not want to think that I sold a damper that could develop a fracture or already have one in it, and know that this could break under high rpm, and whoever is standing above it would be at risk of death or serious injury. As the add says, stay away from the no name, or ultra low cost dampers. The reason I say low cost, is that we know of one company that added this poor quality damper to its product line, and they have added there somewhat known name. If the price is lower than the Pro Products damper, beware. This auction is for the 8" size. The 8" will dampen harmonics slightly better than the smaller 6.75" size, and is more suitable for those more into cruising or high mileage driving. I do have the smaller size part number 80000 listed in our other auctions. A final note, get rid of that tired old damper on your engine. The elastomer ring is more than dried out, and is most likely not dampening the damaging crank harmonics. This can lead to fractures in the crankshaft. It is claimed that dampers that are not doing there job, can cost horse power. This is most likely due to the fact that the crank harmonics are not being dampened, and create a drag in the engine. I don t fully understand the science of this, but I do know that anything that is vibrating or oscillating back and forth, is wasting energy, will cause a reduction in acceleration.  





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