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Centerforce DF148552 Dual Friction Clutch Kit GM V8 L6 11" 1 1/8" 26-Spline
 photo ck15.jpg

The Centerforce Dual-Friction clutch and disc feature a patented process to provide a performance clutch that offers exceptional street characteristics, while offering outstanding holding-capacity and durability. The Dual-Friction disc has a full facing on the pressure plate side for drivability and longevity, while a carbon composite puc style facing is used on the flywheel side for a positive engagement and increased holding-capacity. Dual Friction is the ultimate in street or strip holding power and performance without sacrificing pedal effort and driver control. The patented Centerforce Dual-Friction disc system distributes pressure plate clamping force evenly over a 360-degree friction-facing on one side of the clutch disc, while the opposing side uses a segmented friction-facing to concentrate clamping pressure and maximize clutch holding-capacity. This combination of dual configured friction-facings, coupled with Centerforce's performance pressure plate, creates the ultimate clutch system that is engineered for smooth drivability, maximum longevity and awesome grip.

Notes: Includes pressure plate and clutch disc.


  • Alignment Tool Included
  • No
  • Counterweight Assist
  • Yes
  • Disc Diameter (in)
  • 11.000 in.
  • Disc Diameter (mm)
  • 279mm
  • Disc Material
  • Organic/Carbon composite
  • Disc Style
  • Sprung hub
  • Flywheel Included
  • No
  • Input Shaft Diameter
  • 1.125 in.
  • Input Spline Quantity
  • 26
  • Mounting Hardware Included
  • No
  • Pilot Bushing Included
  • No
  • Pressure Plate Style
  • Diaphragm
  • Quantity
  • Sold as a kit.
  • Throwout Bearing Included
  • No

    Year FromYear ToMakeModelSpecsSpecs2Details
    19711973BuickRegal7.5L 455 cid Engine 4 BBL, 4 Speed

    19711971ChevroletBel Air, Biscayne, Impala, Caprice5.7L 350 cid Engine 4 Speed MUNCIE Transmission

    19711971ChevroletCamaro6.6L 396 cid Engine

    19711977ChevroletCamaro5.7L 350 cid Engine 4 BBL, 4 Speed (MUNCIE Transmission)

    19771977ChevroletCamaro6.6L 400 cid Engine4 Speed 4 BBL

    19771981ChevroletCamaro5.7L 350 cid Engine (4 Speed M-21 TRANS)

    19811981ChevroletCamaro5.0L 305 cid Engine Z-28 ONLY

    19701974ChevroletChevelle Malibu7.5L 454 cid Engine4 Speed

    19711971ChevroletChevelle Malibu5.7L 350 cid Engine 4 Speed

    19711971ChevroletChevelle Malibu6.6L 396 cid Engine

    19711971ChevroletChevelle Malibu6.6L 400 cid Engine

    19701974ChevroletCorvette7.5L 454 cid Engine

    19731977ChevroletCorvette5.7L 350 cid Engine

    19781983ChevroletCorvette5.7L 350 inch HIGH PERF. Engine

    19701974ChevroletEl Camino7.5L 454 cid Engine4 Speed

    19711971ChevroletEl Camino5.7L 350 cid Engine 4 Speed

    19711971ChevroletEl Camino6.6L 396 cid Engine

    19711971ChevroletEl Camino6.6L 400 cid Engine

    19701974ChevroletMonte Carlo7.5L 454 cid Engine4 Speed

    19711971ChevroletMonte Carlo5.7L 350 cid Engine 4 Speed

    19711971ChevroletMonte Carlo6.6L 396 cid Engine

    19711971ChevroletMonte Carlo6.6L 400 cid Engine

    19711971ChevroletNova6.6L 396 cid Engine

    19711974GMCCaballero7.5L 454 cid Engine

    19711972PontiacBonneville, Catalina, Chieftan7.5L 455 cid Engine 4 Speed

    19731976PontiacFirebird7.5L 455 cid Engine 4 BBL, 4 Speed

    19771979PontiacFirebird6.6L 400 cid Engine

    19811981PontiacFirebird5.0L 305 cid Engine (EXC.CALIF.)

    19711973PontiacGrand Am (RWD)7.5L 455 cid Engine 4 Speed

    19711973PontiacGTO7.5L 455 cid Engine 4 Speed

    • The Centerforce Dual Friction Clutch Set Is A Performance Matched Pressure Plate And Disc Combination
    • Pressure Plates Feature Their Patented Centrifugal Weight System And Specialized Machining Processes To Provide A Performance Clutch That Offers Exceptional Street Characteristics
    • Centerforce Dual Friction Pressure Plates Offers Outstanding Holding Capacity And Durability
    • The Centerforce Dual Friction Disc Has A Full Facing On The Pressure Plate Side For Drivability And Longevity
    • Carbon Composite Puck Style (Segmented) Facing Is Used On The Flywheel Side For A Positive Engagement And Increased Holding Capacity
    • Dual Friction Is Engineered For Those Who Are Looking For The Ultimate In Street Or Strip Holding Power And Performance Without Sacrificing Pedal Effort And Driver Control

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