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This item is sold as is. Some of the filters might have a small cosmetic blemish in the mess usually can be repaired.
The wing nut and stud are not included, but were selling these at a fraction of the original sale price.



14" INCH

2109 photo 479d0f80-9af5-4677-88d0-50024440bb1f.jpg

This is the certainly the best flowing air cleaner design on the market. What we like about this setup is that it allows air to pull in from the top as well as the sides. The high flow top allows a maximum amount of air flow into the carb. As you can imagine, the path of least resistance for a carb to want to draw from would be directly above it. The ability of the carb. to draw from the sides and directly above is very valuable in getting a sufficient amount of air into the carb, plus the fact that this is a high flow filtration media. The quality of the frame is excellent.

The color of this filter is easy to match up. This color is very popular, and many filter companies use this. We offer the 14 inch round element in this color in our other listings.

Notice the inside view of the frame pictured below. This is a very well made air cleaner. The underside frame work is made well enough to prevent the filter media from sagging downward and the perforated grid also acts as a flame arrester.

 photo e95cbced-694d-4076-9468-c08793180d57.jpg


Better fuel mileage, performance, cleaner air for the engine, better throttle sound, lasts forever, washing is simple, what more can I say, well I can't help it so I will say more. All the above has been well proven by the K&N filter company.

The items in our clearance special will be selling at well below cost prices. These items have accumulated in our former warehouse that we're converting to our new additional machine shop for building engines. In the past, we would sell these items at local swap meets and other various selling venues. Due to time constraints, these items have to go.

We will do our best to point out any thing note worthy of these items. Go to our ebay store to see many hundreds of such items.

There are many reasons as to why these items are being closed out. Listed below are some of the many possibilities. Most all these items are in perfect working order, and good quality products. No gimmicks. We are in a rush to get our second machine shop up and going.
  • Open package
  • Returned from customers that choose the item wrongly.
  • Slight cosmetic flaw.
  • Left over stock of an item that was discontinued in the past.
  • One of many products used in testing engines in our dyno room.
  • Customer may have installed the product and found it to not be correct for his application. We don't normally take those items back.
  • A few have became slow sellers for us, as our business has shifted into high value items such as engines, rotating assem. and cyl heads.
  • We have purchased some items in bulk that were discontinued and have many of these items still in stock.
  • We're trying to clear our space for our new engine room and we're in a rush to do so.
  • Acquire funds to build our second new machine shop for building engines.
  • Water damage to the packaging from our leaking roof in our 30,000 sq. foot warehouse.

The pictures below show many of our clearance items on display. Once a year we would have sale specials for the local street rod and racing community. That sale would normally be taking place soon, but we have decided to list our items in an effort to speed up the selling process. The prices have been slashed to below our cost on all these items. These pictures only represent a fraction of what all we have accumulated over a long period of time.

 photo 1d8f7d7d-c568-44fa-88d9-6164c70fcce9.jpg

 photo warehouse 2.jpg

Our sales staff has limited technical knowledge on this product and are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. See our other listings for variations of this product.

      • We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product.

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