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15" x 2" x 8.25" INCH

 photo 433515d2-a4a4-4053-846d-14ace9e3dfd9.jpg

 photo 73e14711-d630-4777-b326-07733705bc20.jpg

This is the certainly the best looking air cleaner on the market. What we like about this setup is that it allows a full view of the carb. and intake, unlike the larger round air cleaners. If not for the extreme air flow top, we would not even offer the oval setup as they are somewhat restrictive in our opinion. This is not the case with this. The high flow top allows a maximum amount of air flow into the carb. As you can imagine, the path of least resistance for a carb to want to draw from would be directly above it. The total surface area on this air cleaner is most likely as much if not more than the larger conventional setup. The ability of the carb. to draw from the sides and directly above is very valuable in getting a sufficient amount of air into the carb, plus the fact that this is a high flow filtration media.

As mentioned, this air cleaner allows a very good view of everything below and near to it. The large round setups also create an imbalance in appearance to the valve covers in our opinion. To see this on your engine is to truly know what we are talking about. The quality of the frame is of the highest and is nearly 1/4 inch thick on the top and bottom. The polished finish is excellent. The base is also made from a solid thick piece of aluminum.

The colors of the top filter and bottom do actually match nearly perfect. We used studio lights that cast straight down on the top. The light from the sides was not nearly as bright and this created a what appears to be a two tone look. In actuality the colors look nearly identical. These filters are fully washable and are excellent where water poses a threat to regular paper filters. Oil treated washable filters also repel water spray due to the oil content they are saturated with. K&N has more than proven the value of these type filters. The air flow is far above that of a pleated paper filter, yet these allow nearly zero contamination into the engine.

Notice the inside view of the frame pictured below. It is designed to not allow the draw of air from the carb. to damage the top filter by drawing downward, yet the frame has been optimized with perforations to not restrict air flow. In the picture toward the right shows the base of this setup. Very heavy and well made. This sale is for the 15 inch long version. We also have a 15 long setup.

Check for hood clearance, as mentioned above the base is not a drop base design, and may cause hood clearance issues for some users, such as the C-3 Corvettes.

 photo 22a7e8a1-ef7a-47d8-a91e-5484502a7020.jpg

 photo 7cf239af-6e25-442a-a7c2-ae1f113e99e3.jpg

Our price on this item is far less than any other seller. The lowest we have seen it for is approx. $160.00

In the picture below, we put a drop base 14x3 inch round air cleaner on it just to see the difference in appearance, and all below it was obscured from view. You really can't see any part of the carb. and very little of the intake. When on an engine, the large wedding cake size air cleaner also blocked the view of the valve covers when standing beside the engine. The oval setup allows a totally different view of the engine and its components. As you can see in the picture below, the beautiful Quick Fuel carb and polished Hurricane intake, as well as the billet aluminum throttle bracket, are easily seen, and we can promise you those items are not viewable.

 photo b07b0d1e-9fbf-4324-9672-0a4b38fb5e5e.jpg

 photo 00095a81-525d-4dcb-aa73-ad8f9edfe5dc.jpg

The idea of pulling air in from the top of the air cleaner is one of the best designs for increasing air flow on the market. As you know, the carb opening is facing upward, and path of least resistance is directly above.


Better fuel mileage, performance, cleaner air for the engine, better throttle sound, lasts forever, washing is simple, what more can I say, well I can't help it, so I will say more. All the above has been well proven by the K&N filter company.

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