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These are to be used with a hydraulic roller camshaft.


Pictured above are our sbc lifters. The only difference in the actual Ford roller lifter is that they have two ridges in the center of the body commonly seen on most Ford roller lifters. Most of our lifters are all supplied by Melling Engine Parts or Howards engine products. We never use or sell off-shore lifters.

 photo 30ad8adb-d92d-4285-999b-f02b9efbc913.jpg

These are for SBF FORD V8 302 and 351w engines that came with a factory hydraulic roller cam.

You will receive a complete set of 16 brand new lifters. The cost difference is well worth the difference, but rest assured these are genuine Melling lifters.

When it comes to lifters, we take no chances. Many of the low cost lifters on the market are well known to be faulty in design. Do a search on Google on hydraulic lifters and you will be amazed just how many low grade lifters are on the market. These low grade lifters will most likely begin to fail upon startup or shortly after, not to mention having improper valving, allowing them to "pump-up," as it's referred to. This is not a sales hype, cutting down low cost no name products on the market, as we sell many such items, but when it comes to lifters, we know of the problems experienced by many with such lifters. We would certainly like to offer a lower cost lifter if we knew it to be correct in all specs and metallurgy, but they simply don't exist.

The Melling lifters are made in North America. The tolerances on lifters leaves no room for error. The hardness of the metal must also be correct, as well as the valving. These lifters will allow rpm ranges up to 6000 rpm. Most hyd. cam sizes are usually maxed in power output around the 5800 rpm range. This is pushing it for any hyd. lifter. but we have run them in these upper rpm ranges without a problem.

Comparing pricing against other no-name brand lifters is not wise. Even those that claim to have used the low grade lifters without a problem are most likely unaware that the valve train operation is erratic and is resulting in a power loss. Rest assured that off-shore lifters have failed or caused many a problem in engines. This is not to say that off-shore products are to be totally avoided. To the contrary, many of them are well designed and offer great savings, but the r&d work in the import lifter market must have been absent. The tolerances on lifters are actually more sensitive than any other item on the engine.

Melling Roller Hydraulic Valve Lifters are valve train components that convert the rotation of the cam shaft into linear motion. The roller provides minimal friction at the cam/lifter interface. Melling automatically eliminated clearance between valve train components to provide an adjustment and a maintenance-free system.

The key to the automatically adjusting system is a high pressure chamber and the control of engine oil out of, and into, the chamber. A plunger that resides in the lifter body has a precise clearance to the body, forming an annulus. When the plunger is loaded during valve lift, oil is expelled through the annulus, allowing the plunger to displace a small distance within the body. When the engine valve closes and the load is removed, the plunger spring and oil pressure keep the valve train components in contact. The plunger moves within the body to recover the distance that the plunger traveled during loading, plus or minus any changes that may have occurred. The check valve opens and refills the chamber. This process is repeated for every valve event, providing continuous automatic adjustment.

Melling Roller Hydraulic Valve Lifters also feature a metered oil supply for lubrication of the engine overhead through the push rod. The metering valve is designed to minimize sensitivity to contamination. Diesel engine oils can contain significant amounts of soot created by the combustion process. These lifters have optimized material and heat treatment specifications, and surface texture specifications to minimize the abrasive wear that can occur with the presence of soot.


Anti-varnish design minimizes sensitivity to accumulation of dirt, gum and varnish. Chrome alloy ball check valve provides more precise valve opening and closing events. Hardened steel body and plunger minimize wear for life-of-engine service and minimize sensitivity to diesel engine soot. Low-friction roller bearing with optimized surface textures helps maximize fuel economy and minimizes wear from diesel engine soot. Roller surface is optimized to minimize the cost of cam lobe processing without loss of performance. Oil metering provides lubrication to push rod interfaces and other valve train components. Optimized dynamic performance design enables better control of the valve event at all engine speeds.

Typical Applications

Melling Heavy Duty Roller Hydraulic Valve Lifters are designed for all cam-in-block internal combustion engines.

Pictured below are an assortment of various lifters and part numbers we purchase from Melling Engine Parts for our engine building program. These lifters are all in bulk trays. The Melling Engine Parts company that provides many of our lifters is the very same company that supplies our Melling oil pumps. They do not sell substandard parts of any kind. Their quality control is as good as it gets.

As mentioned, we purchase our lifters in bulk for our engine program. Therefore, they will come to you in our packaging on most occasions. Below is a copy of one of our order confirmations and invoices from Melling where we purchase these lifters, showing one of our rather large purchases. We have removed the price and our account number for privacy reasons. This is the best way we can prove to our customers that our lifters are genuine brand-name products.

 photo melling lifters rev 1.jpg

 photo d2e95f49-3250-4321-991c-8e6e7e03e5c7.jpg  photo 2d73daba-7230-4582-babf-5d9cd226068b.jpg

 photo 90f13984-05ed-4d65-8263-b35c6b5d2124.jpg

 photo e108d8a2-10ff-4410-a10e-25aedc4db9db.jpg

 photo 7b74cd33-5248-42bc-bd67-f90ab6ace1ee.jpg

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