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FORD 360 390 428 CLOYES TRUE D. R. TIMING CHAIN 9-1108



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Part Number: 9-1108
Timing Chain Style: Double roller
Maximum Advance/Retard at Camshaft: 2 degree
Maximum Advance/Retard at Crankshaft: 4 degree
Thrust Bearing Included: No
Offset Bushings Included: No
Gaskets Included: No
Bolts/Studs Included: No
Cam Sprocket Material: Iron
Crank Sprocket Material: Billet steel
Quantity: Sold as a kit.

Timing Chain and Gear Set, Street True Roller, Double Roller, Iron/Steel Sprockets,for Ford 360,390,428 ENGINES.

Cloyes Street True Roller timing sets are aimed at the value-driven racer. They have precision-machined, cast iron cam sprockets and induction-hardened, billet steel crank sprockets. The crank sprockets have three keyways for timing adjustment: 4 degrees retarded, 4 degrees advanced, and normal. The chains are rugged, double-row types with oversized 0.250 in. rollers that deliver long life and reliability.

If you're not familiar with the Tru Double roller timing chain made by Cloyes, let us explain what it's all about.

Unlike ordinary timing chains, the True Double roller has a roller bar on each shaft. This reduces wear, and has a much higher efficiency rate from the conventional style. This design has been around many years, and has more than proven itself. As the sprockets roll into each pin, this outer pin rotates around the inner pin. Very little friction, hence very low drag and wear. It more than makes sense to use this over the others on the market. We wouldn't even dream of using the low cost timing chain and gears on a high performance engine.

When people refer to a timing chain being stretched, this is not the case. The shaft holes in the side links where the pin fits is actually worn, creating a slight amount of slack, that over the distance of the chain adds up to quite a bit. The pins themselves as well as the valley section between the sprocket teeth are also worn, creating more slack. The true double roller chain will stay much tighter with usage, as the friction is very low. Oil temp is lower, wear is less, hp is slightly higher from such efficiency, and your engine will accelerate smoother, as well as decelerate better, due to the fact the chain stays within specs much longer.

Most roller chains for sbc engines have two rows of rollers, but with some designs, the rollers or the pins on which they're mounted don't actually spin; by virtue of their being round, they will roll over the sprocket teeth, but their position within the chain is fixed. With a true roller design, the individual rollers and pins are free to spin, so there's much less friction and wear on the chain, and especially the valley section between the sprocket teeth. If you think about it, you can imagine the valley section between the sprocket teeth, grating into the chain pin as it passes. This has to cause wear, and drag. The true double roller glides freely with very little resistance. If any of you have ever owned a chain driven motorcycle, you can certainly attest to the fact that a sprocket and chain do wear fast, at least the models of many years ago did, and it was this meshing together of the pin and sprocket.

We have found one particular brand timing chain's keyway to be inaccurate, and you can bet there are many on the market like this.

If you're building an engine and have the heads off the engine, and the proper tools to measure this, you would catch this inaccuracy, but if your engine is not apart, you would never know if its timing marks are correct. We came across one well known import timing chain such as this.

Several years ago we tried out an off brand import timing chain set and found it to have too much slack in the chain, and measured it against the Cloyes chain, but there was not much difference. Upon further investigation, we found the the inaccuracy to be in the sprocket size. The caused the chain to be loose, and this will cause great fluctuations in valve and ignition timing. That's why you're replacing the worn timing chain in the first place. After seeing two major flaws in this import timing chain, we decided to never use anything but Cloyes or Melling. This decision was several years ago, and we wouldn't even consider changing brands.

When building a high performance street rod or race engine, you must use the True double roller, as the spring tension in the valve train is much higher, and the cam lift and duration put a tremendous load on the timing chain compared to a stock engine, not to mention the high rpm limits in a performance engine are often reached. We only sell what we know to be of high quality, and this timing set is the best value we have ever seen.

The timing chain and gears are all made in the USA.

Cloyes is all about timing components. The cost is low for such a well engineered part, and proudly made in the USA.

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