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Holley Sniper EFI Self-Tuning Fuel Injection System 550-510



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PART NO. 550-510

HOLLEY SNIPER EFI 550-510 photo c59afe83-a5e4-4a11-a1ca-af49f51aad6e.jpg

HOLLEY SNIPER EFI 550-510 photo 2a14f599-4bbf-4f71-bd15-34acd3cdff86.jpg

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This has become a very popular upgrade on many of our engines. For those not wanting to deal with the potential quirks of a carburetor, this is the way to go. Drivability becomes greatly improved over a carb. Startup and warm-up are also greatly improved. Tuning stays spot on. These systems make it very easy to tweak the tuning on your engine to better serve your application. Our engine room crew has found the Holley Sniper system to be a very straightforward setup. Some of our customers have requested the Fitech system, and we find them to be an inferior product in many ways to the Holley Sniper system. The customer service offered by Fitech also has been a very poor experience for us. There is no comparison in the way the two systems function, nor in the way they are set up. The Holley system is 100% made in the USA and that is not the case with the Fitech system. The Holley system has a slightly higher cost, but is well worth it, in our very strong opinion. Our company founder, Skip White, stated that he has no problems with running a carb on a street rod engine, but the ability to tune the engine to perfection and the fact that fuel metering is so perfect with the EFI system has changed how he thinks an engine should receive its fuel and air. The difference in drive between the two is vast, to say the least.

The Holley Sniper EFI self-tuning fuel injection system delivers all the benefits — and none of the hassles. The full-featured throttle body is easy to install, can support a lot of horsepower, and will keep your budget intact. It puts an end to carburetor cold start issues, hesitations, vapor lock, and flooding.

Each Holley Sniper EFI system hits the performance mark with a mounted ECU and an integrated fuel pressure regulator. It’s self-learning (no laptop is needed for set up) and includes a small color touchscreen to help you set up and tweak.

Make your conversion simple, while getting maximum bang for your buck, with a Holley Sniper EFI self-tuning fuel injection system.

HOLLEY SNIPER EFI 550-510 photo 5dee7ec0-3ddb-445d-ac96-88b6830bba81.jpg

Self Tuning


User Tunable


Timing Control Compatible




Transmission Controller Included


Injection Style

Throttle body

Metering Style

Speed density

Power Adder Compatible


Intake Manifold Included


Fuel Rails Included


Throttle Body Included


Throttle Body Mounting Flange

4-barrel square bore

Venturi Quantity


Venturi Diameter (mm)


Airflow Rate (cfm)

800 cfm

Throttle Body Material

Cast aluminum

Throttle Body Finish


Injectors Included


Injector Size (lbs/hr)

100 lbs./hr.

Calibration Module Included


ECM Included


Wiring Harness Included


Oxygen Sensor Included


Fuel Pump Included


Fuel Pressure Regulator Included


Distributor Included


MAP Sensor Included


IAT Sensor Included


TPS Sensor Included


IAC Motor Included



Sold as a kit.


Kit includes 4 injectors and can support up to 650 hp.

Holley Sniper EFI systems feature:

  • Bolt-on carburetor replacement designed to fit single and dual carburetor manifolds
  • Supports up to 650 hp with 4-injectors
  • 4-wire vehicle connection: battery +, battery -, switched ignition, and rpm
  • Integrated ignition timing control and coil driver
  • Color touchscreen for setup and gauge views
  • Calibration Wizard—answer a few questions about your engine and it creates the base map, then starts tuning on its own
HOLLEY SNIPER EFI 550-510 photo 9ddb2afb-96b2-40fb-b493-4801f7e0caae.jpg

HOLLEY SNIPER EFI 550-510 photo 2fbd7c09-990a-4570-b913-bcf99bd2644d.jpg

    • Official Dyno report on our 383 engine with a Comp Cams .510/.525 cam, a single plane intake with 1.5 rockers and a Sniper EFI system.

      383 510/525 w/Sniper dyno photo d3e12515-7073-4219-b9b4-1ed865d8328e.jpg

      383 510/525 w/Sniper graph photo cc053ef5-f860-4661-bd88-26bb925a4eb5.jpg

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