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BIG BLOCK CHEVY 427, 454, 496, 505, 555, 572

RETRO STYLE HYDRAULIC ROLLER LIFTERS FOR BBC BIG BLOCK CHEVY ENGINES. HOWARDS BRAND. You will receive one full set of lifters, enough to complete one engine build, (8 pair)

These are excellent for street and strip use, and highly recommended for use in marine applications. Sustained rpm use is where these lifters excel.

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Our experience with the Max-Effort lifters.

The Max Effort lifters have proven very valuable in our engine program. When running cams in the 550 lift range or larger, regular grade tie bar lifters may not allow that extra 200-300 rpm needed to make peak power without the destructive effects of valve float entering the picture. That is the primary reason we now use these in many of our engines. These lifters out-performed the Howards regular tie bar lifters in the upper rpm range. They allowed our engines to make higher peak power at the end of its power-band. An engine’s horse power will usually taper off gradually at the end of its peak power, but we had noticed a sharp hp drop on certain large cam combinations when dynoing our bbc engines with cams above 550 lift past 5600 rpm. This is indicative of possible valve float.

We started using the Comp Short Travel lifters, and our bbc engines running the large hyd. roller cams continued making power for approx. 200-250 more rpm. The Comp Short Travel lifters are also an excellent product but are very expensive, highly sensitive to lash adjustment, and really function best with higher than normal spring pressure. Howards recommended we give the Max Efforts a try, and to our amazement, they worked perfectly and did not require excessive spring pressure to maintain valve train stability. There was no valve float in the upper rpm range when running healthy size cams towards the end of their peak output. Even when running our new 615 lift cam that requires a bit more rpm, making things even more challenging for the valve train, the Max Efforts did perfectly well. A nice smooth fall off in peak power is what we noticed when peak power was reached. We also noticed that the Max Effort lifters are quiet, and this is not the case with many of the aggressive lifters on the market.

We have dynoed at least 300 engines using these lifters, and have experienced zero failures. We are told that the Max Efforts are also highly recommended in engines that operate in the upper rpm range for sustained periods. We’re also told that they will also handle higher than normal spring pressures but not extremely high high pressures like in some all out racing springs. When it comes to very high spring pressures above 500 lbs. we like to use the Comp Short Travel lifters, or the all out race grade Howards lifters made by Morel.

If you are not running in the 5800 or greater rpm range with a larger than normal size cam, your engine can still make use of the many unique features that the Max Effort lifters have over regular drop in or tie-bar lifters.

When using hyd. roller cams above 630 lift we recommend moving up to the Comp Short Travel lifters.

Howards Cams Maximum Effort retrofit hydraulic roller lifters are true high performance street lifters.

Designed primarily for ease of maintenance and reliability.

The lifters are CNC-machined and fitted with precision check ball internal valving to prevent lifter "pump up."

These features provide a broader power band and increased rpm potential.

We now use these lifters many of our high end street rod 496,505 and 555 bbc engines.

These lifters are designed for bbc engine blocks, later or early style, as well as aftermarket blocks such as Dart, World or GM Bowtie series. The retro style refers to the fact that these will work in early style sbc blocks that never used roller lifters. These will also work in the late GM roller blocks.

These are to be used with hydraulic roller camshafts.

Howards brand Max Effort roller lifters are premium quality.

Howards Cams
Manufacturer's Part No.
Part Type
Max Effort tie bar series.
Product Line
Howards Max Effort Series Retrofit Hydraulic Roller Lifters

Lifter Style
Hydraulic roller
Lifter Link Bars Included
Link Bar
Lifter Outside Diameter (in)
0.842 in.
Lifter Offset
Sold as a set of 16.

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