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SBC BBC CHEVY Howards Cams Ultra Lite Billet Fuel Pump Pushrods 94475



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Howards Cams 94475 Ultra Lite Billet Composite Fuel Pump Rod

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Designed for NASCAR, these Howards Cams Ultra Lite billet fuel pump pushrods are a necessity for any serious racer using a mechanical fuel pump. They're made from proprietary blended, carbon reinforced, bearing-grade polymer. Ultra Lite billet fuel pump pushrods weigh only 0.9 oz. (27 grams) to eliminate fuel pump cavitation. Gentle on the cam lobe, they can be used with cast or billet cams. These fuel pump pushrods are self-lubricating and super-strong.

High volume mechanical fuel pumps put an additional strain on the eccentric fuel pump lobe on the cam, and modern roller cam technology has not been addressing the eccentric cam lobe design like it once did years ago.

Modern oils further the problem due to the absence of high levels of the zinc compounds they once had. These factors can spell doom for the eccentric cam lobe on the cam in an engine.

If you are running a high volume mechanical fuel pump, then using this special fuel pump rod becomes essential. This fuel pump rod is made from a proprietary blended, carbon reinforced, bearing-grade polymer. It weighs 27 grams, and is very strong yet gentle on the eccentric cam lobe.

Unlike the common light weight hollow rod on the market, this rod is one fraction the weight. By reducing the reciprocating mass of the fuel pump rod, the load on the eccentric cam lobe is greatly reduced. We insist on the use of this special rod in our engines that are using a mechanical fuel pump.

Fuel Pump Pushrod Material: Blended carbon polymer

Fuel Pump Pushrod Tip Material: Blended carbon polymer

Lightweight: Yes

Diameter (in): 0.500 in.

Length (in): 5.750 in.

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