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SBC CHEVY 327 350 355 383 HASTINGS MOLY RINGS 2M139 2M 139 +.030 OVER



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Fits many more applications that require 4.030 bore piston rings. Also known as +.030 over

5/64" 5/64" 3/16" size.

Hastings Flex-Vent oil control rings help eliminate blow-by.

These rings do not require file fitment. They are ready to use, but you should always check the gap by placing the rings in the cylinder bore before use. This is common practice when building an engine.
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Hastings Piston rings are a perfect replacement for the stock or medium performance build up. Hastings ring sets feature standard ring end gaps (drop-in) for easy installation.

Hastings Plasma Moly rings are an inlay in the face of the top groove rings.

The Moly spray inlay is approx .004/.007 deep into the face of the ring.

Plasma Moly makes a stronger coating that is less likely to flake off the ring.

Plasma Moly rings promote quick ring seating along with increasing the ring life.

The Hastings rings are our choice on most of our street rod buildups. We have never experienced a failure. As far as value with quality is concerned, these are at the top of our list. We have various sizes available.

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