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SBC CHEVY HOWARDS HYD OE ROLLER CAM 530/545 LIFT 233/241 DUR@ .050" #180265-12



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PART # 180265-12

Valve lift with 1.5 Rockers: Intake .530/Exhaust .545

Duration @.050": Intake .233/Exhaust .241
Lobe sep. angle: 112º
Recommended springs #: 274, See our other listings.

 photo HRS-120941-11_xl.jpg

All Howards™ Cams use the highest-grade race quality cores available. All hydraulic and mechanical flat tappet camshafts are 100% Rockwell checked and Parkerized to ensure the highest quality control standards available anywhere. Howards™ Cams are manufactured on dedicated high precision CNC cam grinding machines.

The cam gear is compatible with any standard steel or cast iron distributor gear. No bronze distributor needed. This cam is considered an OEM style, meaning it must be used in a roller block; it cannot be used with a non roller block. Other style cams available in our other listings. When using the OEM roller cam, you do not need a cam button, but the block must be a roller block. This auction is for the OEM style roller cam. Much needed camshaft accessories available in our other listings.

This cam is to be used on sbc engines that are equipped for factory roller cams. These blocks came out in the late 80's in the Corvette and early 90's in the Chevy trucks. As you know, all of the sbc roller engines in this era were throttle body or tune port injection. This cam may not be compatible with those setups, but many are using the Gen 2 blocks and running a carbureted setup.

We have used this profile on several different buildups with amazing results. We dynoed a 383 engines running the 210 PC heads that we sell and achieved 435 hp at 5500 rpm with 440 ft. lbs of torque at 5000 rpm. This was at 10.3:1 compression ratio on pump gas. We find this cam to be very versatile and streetable for most engines that are 350 or larger. The cam has excellent street manners, off the line power was great, but do realize that a stall converter of around 1800-2500 rpm is RECOMMENDED, especially in a 350 or smaller setup.

If you would like expert cam recommendations for your engine, contact us through the "seller information" tab with the information listed below. We will tell you what cam is best suited for you. Running a cam that is too big in a given combination is not only pointless for making increased power, but creates a increased loss of drivability and unnecessary wear on the valve train. You must have sufficient cubic inch and/or compression ratio, coupled with correct size cylinder heads that will allow enough flow, to justify a particular size cam. Bottom-end and mid-range performance are always affected when you increase cam size, but it would be affected even more if a cam selection is over-sized to the point that no top-end power is gained. So choosing too large of a cam becomes a two-fold problem. Tuning also becomes more difficult with larger than needed cams.

For a recommendation on the best cam for you, please contact us with us the following information:

  • Vehicle model or weight.
  • Engine size, (cubic inch)
  • Approx. compression ratio.
  • Cylinder head runner size.
  • Single or dual plane intake, (if dual plane, what model)
  • Final gear ratio, and overall tire diameter if known.
  • Transmission model.
  • Converter stall range.
  • Your hp expectations, and how you will be using the vehicle (cruising, street, strip, show car, etc.)
  • If a lopey idle is highly desirable. The size engine you have determines this with a given cam choice. We can tell you exactly what a particular cam will sound like in an engine.
  • The brand and type/series of lifters you are running. Very important!

It is our opinion that the Howards cam company has the highest quality and most advanced technology in the industry. This is why we have chosen them for our roller cam products. Few if any companies have the quality standards offered by Howards.

  • 100% Rockwell Checked
  • Super Quality
  • Hard Protective Packaging

All Howard's cams use the highest-grade race quality billets available. The hydraulic and mechanical flat tappet camshafts are 100% Rockwell checked and Parkerized to ensure the highest quality control standards available anywhere. Howard's Cams is proud of its equipment, manufacturing all of its cams on dedicated high precision cam grinding machines.

Howards maintains these exacting standards right through the shipping process. All Howards camshafts are packaged and shipped in a unique, hard, high impact, reusable plastic case. This ensures that that you, our customer receives your new Howard's Cam in the same exacting condition it left our factory.

Important Note

Take notice to what must be done to the rod body and bolt section to achieve cam to rod clearance in the picture below when using this cam in a 3.750 stroke (383 or 406) engine. The idea of having to go this far into the bolt may be unsettling to many, but this is what is required. Our new line of Comp reduced base circle cams eliminates having to do this. This is one of the reasons we now use the Comp reduced base cams in all our sbc engines. The price is similar to the Howards cams, and the performance is outstanding. We feel the integrity of the rod bolt is somewhat affected by this grinding, not to mention, if ground too much, may destroy the rod body and bolt. We have chosen six custom grinds in our Comp line to accommodate most any sbc street rod build. Should you decide to purchase the Howards cam in this listing for use in a 3.750 stroke engine build, then the rods will all have to be ground as shown in the picture below. H-beam rods will require even more removal of material.

 photo 3c6a18d7-2844-4883-bb0c-588ea5dabf25.jpg

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