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*Short style Water Pump, standard rotation. Gaskets included.

*This pump has a 3/4'' NPT top port and 1/2'' side port

*High quality roller bearing, 5/8'' pilot shaft, 3/4'' bearing, machined aluminum impeller.

*For racing or factory replacement.

*Impellers are machined to maximize volume and pressure.

*Custom impeller provides 30% more flow than stock pumps.

*Eliminates cavitation at high RPM.

Important note: Some aluminum timing covers on the market are thicker than normal to accommodate gear drives. These thicker than normal covers may interfere with the backside of this water pump. We have included a thicker than normal set of gaskets and special stainless low profile bolts to modify the back plate for those encountering such problems. If you have a stock or similar timing cover, you will not need to modify the water pump. As you may know, all short water pumps mount with very little clearance between the backside of the water pump and the timing cover. The low profile bolts and the thicker gaskets should allow the use of this water pump without a problem. Let us know how your install went, please.

You may run into a clearance issue when using some aluminum pulleys due to their thickness. It is a simple fix by grinding the area on the water pump where the pulley is interfering. The amount to grind is usually no more than .050 thous. of an inch and only in a very small area. The ground area does not show when the pulley is installed on the hub of the water pump. This is a common issue with all aluminum short style water pumps when using certain types of aluminum pulleys. The housing on the water pump is very thick so the integrity of the pump is not compromised in the least.


This water pump has a cnc machined aluminum impeller. The rotational weight reduction is considerable. Most all other water pumps have a stamped steel or cast iron impeller. This water pump is considered high end street/strip grade. These water pumps sell for over $150 at all major retailers. For those wanting a lower cost water pump, see our other listings.

Notice the outer housing on this water pump. The style of the housing on this water pump may vary. On occasion we have noticed the housing to not have the spiraled ribs on it, but rather a straight ribbed design. They are from the same manufacturer.

The chrome finish is decent. You may notice that in the crevices and corners the finish is not as smooth, and we also notice a few pin-head flaws in the finish. This is only visible up close. Most every brand water pump with a chrome finish will lack perfection in its appearance when observed up close. When mounted on the car surrounded by pulleys, belts and brackets, these imperfections are not noticeable.

Important notice.

On very rare occasions, we have had complaints of water seepage coming from the back plate. We noticed on a few that the amount of sealant used on both sides of the gasket may have been insufficient. We strongly recommend removing the back plate, and coating each side of the gasket with a good quality sealant before installing the water pump on the engine. This is a very simple procedure. The complaints concerning this issue are few and far between, but this is well worth doing as a preventive measure. Besides this minor issue, these water pumps have been extremely reliable for the many years we have been selling them.


This pump has the correct block to hub height.

Please be aware there are several brands of this style water pump on the market. We consider this to be the most reliable water pump you can buy. This unit is much better built than others we have encountered.


How to distinguish a short from a long water pump: If you can place your fingers between the timing cover and back side of the water pump, then you have a long style water pump. Short water pumps are right up against the timing cover.

This auction is for the short style water pump.

This unit is all aluminum and will flow better than any others we have tested. Continue reading!

Do bear in mind that the aluminum impeller in this water pump is designed to reduce rotational mass and dissipate heat at a faster rate, and that's a plus for any car.

Here is a story to prove our point.

We had just installed a 383 stroker engine in a 79 C-3 Corvette and had converted this to electric fans and could not stop the car from running hotter than we were comfortable with. The temp would soar to 235 in as little as ten minutes. We then replaced the OEM cast iron water pump with one of our aluminum water pumps with the aluminum impeller. We knew that aluminum water pumps, especially those with an aluminum impeller, could reduce operating temps, and it certainly did reduce the engine temp by 10-15 degrees. We now use this water pump exclusively on all of our SBC turn key engines we build.

Most aluminum water pumps have stamped steel impellers or at best machined iron impellers, and claim to be high volume. We have used other brands and styles of water pumps on stock engines that are not modified, and we don't seem to have heating problems, but for vehicles with modified engines, this is the pump to run, and we proved it.

This pump is half the weight of a cast iron water pump with no sacrifice in reliability. For those wanting to paint this pump with a contrasting color, it would come out very nice and take painting well. There are no drawbacks to running this type pump, other than cost.

If your pump is still mounted on the engine, the way to tell long from short will be that there is nearly no space between the timing cover and back of the water pump IF YOU HAVE A SHORT PUMP. The long pump will have at least one full inch of space in that area.

Please be aware of the many inferior water pumps on the market. We feel this one is the best available. In years past, we have seen inferior pumps that break off at the pump shaft, causing severe damage to the car. Our pumps have had no such failures.

Compare before you buy. We will warranty this pump for life from the date of purchase.

Be sure of what style water pump you have.

We also have the long version of this pump in our other listings.

Very Important Note!

Our technical knowledge is limited on this product. Our sales staff are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. Many of the questions are, "how do you install this item", "what model cars will this work in". Most of the people on our sales staff simply don't know these answers, and even if we did, the time involved answering so many of these questions is what led us to writing this notice. We update the info in our listings on a regular basis, and if it's not in the ad, then there's a good chance we don't know the info. There is a solution to this problem for those with numerous questions about the product. We recommend searching the car forums for application questions, or technical info. You will find the answers you need on the forums for certain.

You have all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, it is, and with that being said, a video is worth a million words. If you go to YouTube and type in the correct key words or phrases, you may find dozens of highly informative videos showing much of the info you need to know on this product.

    • We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product.

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