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Part number for this kit is 100-7101

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This is the correct rocker arm stud used on virtually all aftermarket bbc, sbc and many sbf aftermarket aluminum heads that require screw in studs. There are two common sizes on the market 7/16's and 3/8's size. Both sizes have 7/16's threads on the bottom. Please read this complete add before purchasing.

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These are the correct length studs needed for those running roller rockers with or without stud girdles. If you need the 3/8's size for running 3/8's roller rockers, see our other listings. This listing is for the 7/16 size. The base size on most all studs is 7/16's. You should only be concerned about the top size of the shaft, and this must correlate with your roller rocker size. If you have not purchased rockers yet, then you should opt for the larger 7/16's size, as they are much stronger than the 3/8's size. Please read special note at the lower section of this ad.


If you have been a regular shopper with us, you will have noticed we sell many knock-off products that are made off-shore. We do also sell many products made in the USA. We have always been very particular as to the quality and workmanship of such products, with consideration of the cost. We scrutinize our products very carefully and refuse to sell products that simply don't meet our standards, all things considered. We have now eliminated another of the low cost knock-off products from our line. The low cost rocker arm studs being imported have shown numerous problems unlike those in the past. We have looked at several others on the market, and still find many issues with them that are not acceptable.

One of the most serious issues was the fact that many of the studs had run-out in the shaft up to 100 thous. This causes major problems with rocker alignment, and depending on the clock position of the stud when tightened, that would determine the direction of the rocker misalignment. If the stud position was facing the valve then the roller tip would not run off to the side of the rocker but it would cause the roller tip to not be centered on the valve. This would then create a loss of lift.

Another issue concerned us most of all. The warped stud shaft of some of these studs would surely allow the rocker tip to sit cocked on the valve tip, depending on the position where it was tightened. This would then side load the valve tip with undo pressure and created a serious wear problem on the valve tip and valve guides. The roller rockers would also operate abnormally as the center trunnion and tip would be in a bind. We noticed a very abnormal looseness when installing the aftermarket studs in the heads. As you know, the rocker studs in an engine are under a tremendous upwards pull and power and improper thread design will cause the studs to possibly pull out of the head.
The ARP thread pitch and sizing were perfect. The ARP studs screwed into the heads with a very precise fit and feel.

After doing a comparison between the ARP studs and several off shore models, I am convinced that I will never offer any of the off-shore studs again regardless of the price difference. They were never as bad in the past as what we're seeing now.
We are glad to offer many low cost items that are off-shore, but will always give careful consideration to quality, functionality, and overall value. I will be doing a more thorough comparison on all of the aspects between these two products soon, and post the results.

You will notice that we offer many USA made products, but do not offer the same item in an off-shore line. It certainly is not because we don't have access to the low cost off-shore product, but because of quality issues that we have discovered. Getting a good value is very important and working within a budget is the only way many are able to complete their project, but take my word on one thing, be careful. I have rejected many products that are outright junk and would cause serious issues in your engine only to see other sellers offering those same exact products. It's all about learning where to draw the line.

As far as I know there is only one other rocker arm stud on the market that is of decent quality, and that's from the GM Performance division.

Skip White

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