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SBF Ford 289 302 351W Fabricated Aluminum Tall Valve Covers R-6241



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Semi polished

 photo 8093-8P.jpg

The welding is first class. The billet rails on these valve covers is approx. .25" thick. The aluminum sheet metal is approx. .075" thick. We know many on the market to be much thinner in these areas. This is why many other sellers fail to mention these specs.

This is a very good quality set of valve covers. Beware of others offering similar valve covers for a lower price. The quality is most likely inferior. Fit and finish are often compromised.

These valve covers have a somewhat semi polished finish. We find our customers prefer a finish that is somewhere between brushed and semi polished finish. We have sold thousands of these over the years, and all have been satisfied with the finish. We can honestly say they have a somewhat lower sheen than the picture shows. You will notice the strong reflections on the sides in the above pics, this is from flash glare.

We have used these valve covers on thousands of our high performance engines for over 10 years without any issues. On occasion, you may notice a slight degree of warpage on the rails before installation. This is due to the heat generated by the massive amount of welding done around the outer edge of the rails. This warpage is not a problem. When the valve covers are bolted on, they will pull down flat and seal well. Any micro amounts of variation left over after you have bolted them down will be compensated for by the gaskets. Any and all fabricated valve covers with such welding on the rails will have this characteristic. It's simply not a problem in the least. We dyno many of the engines using these valve covers. The engines are brought up to considerably high rpm levels, and rarely do we ever see any signs of oil seepage. They seal very well.


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