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Firewall clearance is not an issue with this distributor. This is a must on any car that will not allow the use of the late style full size HEI distributor. With its OEM appearance, this unit is superior in every way to a point style distributor.

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Read this complete ad before purchasing this product. Before you ask any questions about this product, please read the "Very Important Note" in the lower section of this ad.

This is a fully self-contained distributor, with the module, also call brain box, built in to it. You don’t need any external devices except a coil. You can get rid of every bit of that dried up wiring mess from your old system, including the ballast resistor. All this unit needs is a fresh 12 volt coil, and you simply hook up the two wires coming from this distributor to the coil, and that's it. No other wiring or components are needed.

This unit operates the same as the late Ford HEI that came out around 1975, but it is far more dependable than the Ford factory unit and you won’t have the unsightly fender well box with the massive amount of wiring going to it. The Ford factory electronic ignition was certainly better than the point style, but it was very unreliable and had a mess of wiring coming from it. If you are running a point style distributor now, you’re going to be amazed at the way your car starts, warms up, and performs when you switch over. You should try the coil we have listed in our other listings (super e-core coil), and you will have the ultimate ignition system.

Make no mistake, this is a fully self-contained ignition system, except for the coil. Point style distributors are simply insane to run. Unleaded fuel is very poorly ignited with point type ignition systems.

Notice the chrome box on the lower side of our distributor. That's where the GM style module is located. The module is not the very same module GM uses, but it is the same design. You know that GM had that design over 30 years ago. Now you can open your plug gap to around 45-50 instead of 35 if you’re running points, as the spark this unit produces is many times stronger.

 photo f2b1_1_sbl.jpg

Brand new in the box, comes with a one-year warranty.

This unit is nearly identical in size to the original points distributor, and is fully electronic. All that's needed is an external 12 volt coil. This unit is supplied with a male style cap.

The performance difference from points to electronic ignition is dramatic to say the least, not to mention that most early points style distributors are worn out.

This unit has a vac. advance.

Some of the many benefits of electronic ignition over points are listed below.

  • Much better fuel mileage.
  • Far less pollution, as the fuel is burned much better.
  • Faster start ups, especially in cold weather.
  • Those with carbs. prone to flooding will notice a huge difference, as the spark on electronic ignition is much stronger than point style ignition.
  • Virtually no maintenance, compared to points.
  • Spark plug and plug wire life is 3-5 times longer.
  • Much better performance over points, mostly due to the better combustion of unleaded fuel, as this was the primary reason for the development of electronic ignition.
  • Point dwell changes as points wear out, causing your timing to advance dramatically. This brings your engine much closer to detonation, not to mention hard starting and poor performance.

Overall engine life is greatly improved with electronic ignition over points.

Most old distributors have wear in the shaft bushings, causing fluctuations in performance. It would be impossible for a distributor that's been run for 20 or more years not to have excessive wear.

Coil not included. See our other listings for distributor related accessories.

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Many garages and speed shops purchase these in case lots from us. We have the best small base distributor on the market.

This is the newest version on the market.

This is perfect to upgrade your vehicle or to use as part of a tune-up. Here are a few problems you are likely to encounter when using an old distributor:

  • excessive end shaft play
  • bushing wear
  • worn or cracked cap and button
  • weak module
  • corrosion buildup
  • weakened advance springs
  • gear wear
All of the above factors can greatly affect the performance of your engine. If going from points to HEI, this alone is a huge upgrade.

These are just a few issues with most old distributors. For the low cost of a brand new one, it just makes little sense to use the original distributor. When we rebuild any early model engine, we insist that the customer purchase a new distributor. You will notice a performance difference in your engine if you have any of these issues with your old distributor. All of the old HEIs we see have excess end play in the shaft.

This distributor also has the performance curve setup. Do not be misled into thinking other HEIs on the market are superior to this one. If anything, they are most likely the older version. We have sole more HEIs than most other vendors, and we do our best to provide the newest models available.

Very Important Note.

Our technical knowledge is limited on this product. Our sales staff are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. Many of the questions are, "how do you install this distributor", "what model cars will this work in", "how do I wire it up" Most of the people on our sales staff simply don't know these answers, and even if we did, the time involved answering so many of these questions is what led us to writing this notice. We update info in our listings on a regular basis, and if it's not in the ad, then there's a good chance we don't know the info. There is a solution to this problem for those with numerous questions about the product. You have all heard the saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. Well, it is, and with that being said, a video is worth a million words. If you go to YouTube and type in key words such as, "How to install an HEI distributor" you will find dozens of highly informative videos showing the complete process step by step. These video are usually very accurate. We suggest that you watch several of them because some are easier to understand than others, and some have additional info in them that may not be covered in the others. You can't possibly go wrong watching these videos. At one time, we put installation instructions in our ads, and they led to much confusion for many, and the emails and calls coming were numerous. The videos on YouTube will be all you need. They are very simple and straightforward to follow. We did a search on the key words mentioned above, and literally hundreds of "how to" videos on every aspect of installing an HEI came up. There were even videos on changing over from a point distributor to an HEI.

We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product.

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    Very well manufactured item. A great addition to my cars performance parts.

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    Fast shipping, great deal,looks great,thank you,AAAA+++++

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