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This short block kit is not assembled.


The photo above and below are file photos. Actual appearance may vary. This picture is to give you an idea of what all is included. All parts are brand new, first line, unblemished, and balanced. This short block kit is not assembled. See our other listings for the assembled version of this short block. We will update our pictures soon.

Pictured below is the rotating assembly that comes with the short block kit.

This is file photo. See actual details of what all comes with this short block kit.


Exactly what is included:

Dart SHP Windsor block 9.500 deck with Cleveland mains, (bored, honed, and decked). Scat 4340 fully forged crank, King HP main and rod bearings. Dart HP coated cam bearings. Scat competition series rods with ARP 7/16 cap screws, Wiseco forged 2618 aircraft race grade pistons, fully balanced in house. Pro Race brand damper, and HD flexplate included. Mahle file fit plasma moly, ductile rings 1.5 1.5 3.00mm size.

This short block kit will also include at no extra charge a Ford block parts kit from Dart. This kit has many of the much needed small parts such as pipe plugs, cam bearings, oil filter adaptor and much more. There are actually two kits that are included. The cost for these two kits is normally around $125.00 The part number for these kits are, Ford block parts kit #32000015, and #32940000.

The block is bored to size with our new Centroid touch probe machine. Few machine shops have a machine of this accuracy.

 photo CENTROID204.jpg

We also deck the blocks to an RA finish of approx. 15 or better. The decking procedure is also done by our Centroid CNC machine.

 photo CENTROID206.jpg

We often find many brand new blocks to have a sloping deck of up to 4 thous. When we're finished decking the block it is within approx. .001 accuracy from end to end. Many machine shops fail to catch this as the machinery they use does not allow for such accuracy.

 photo 008202.jpg

We then plate hone the block with our new Sunnen SV10 diamond hone machine. This is also a very advanced machine that hones the block with a finish unlike conventional machines.

 photo Heads20049.jpg

The final step is to clean the block in our high pressure block washer. You should always re-wash your block before assembly. This is to assure that the block is free of contaminants.

Compression Ratio Chart

The calculations below are with the pistons are at zero deck. We used a 4.200 head gasket diameter, and a .040 gasket thickness in our calculations to come up with our comp. ratio values. We offer other piston volume sizes in our other listings.

Piston Family

Cylinder Head Volume







Static Compression Ratio

4.155 Bore






 photo unnamed1.jpg

The Wiseco fully forged pistons are rated very high in the street/strip performance industry. They offer several price levels of pistons, starting with the Pro-Tru Street version made with 4032 forged alloy. The next level up would be the Pro-Tru series that are much more expensive and made from 2618 aircraft alloy.

Our custom made Wiseco pistons are very close in comparison to the premium series as they are made using the 2618 aircraft alloy.

Some engine builders use the non-forged hypereutectic pistons, and we find them to be very risky for any carbureted street rod engine. We would not even consider using such pistons. If the pistons are non-forged or forged 4032 alloy, they may fragment from the effects of detonation. This can then allow the connecting rod to destroy the block, crank, and cylinder head. Those types of pistons are fine for stock or very mild engine builds, but should never be used in carbureted engines built to high horse power levels. These type of pistons, especially the hypereutectic version, will not stand much detonation. The forged 2618 alloy piston is so much more resistant to the effects of detonation, and heat.

Our Wiseco Forged pistons are custom designed with an increase in compression height. This has many advantages. Here are a few facts about compression height and deck height.

Our custom made Wiseco pistons have a compression height that is .015 taller than nearly all catalog pistons on the market. We find this to be a very valuable feature.

Since nearly all catalog pistons on the market sit .025 below the surface of a virgin block, the only way to achieve a zero deck using such pistons would be to cut .025 off the deck surface. This compromises the integrity of the block, in our opinion. Should you decide to leave the block deck higher up, using such pistons creates a new issue of having a very poor quench/squish zone. The only way you could really take advantage of a catalog piston is by having a block that needs to or has already been butchered down to 9.00 deck height. Having the piston sitting flush with the deck is very desirable, regardless of the fact that your overall compression ratio is slightly higher than if it were sitting below the deck.

On very rare occasions, you may end up with a block that has the piston out of the hole by a few thousandths and this not a problem at all. Most head gaskets are approx. .040 thick, and should you end up with a quench zone of .035, then that is perfectly ok. Should the pistons sit out of the block beyond .005, then you may want to use an .050 thick head gasket. There are several brands of these on the market. The late model GM block that is included will in most cases allow the pistons to sit flush with the deck or very close to flush.

Another good feature about our pistons having a taller compression height is that the ring land above the top ring is much stronger by being .015 thicker. When pistons encounter the effects of detonation, it is not uncommon to see pistons with the ring land above the top ring broken off. The thicker ring land also makes a better heat sink.

You may have noticed that our Wiseco custom made forged pistons are referred to as Racing Pistons on the package. This does not mean that the pistons are for racing only. This is a generic term, referring to their ability to be used in high performance applications as well as for street rod use. These pistons are perfectly designed for use on the street, as well as for medium to upper level drag racing.

Our custom made Wiseco forged pistons are made from 2618 aircraft alloy. We find this alloy to be much more suitable for high performance engines than the common 4032 forged alloy. You will usually see the higher end pistons on the market using 2618 aircraft alloy.

Why go with 2618 forged pistons? If you encounter certain tuning issues, detonation is highly probable, and its effects can cause severe damage to your engine. The 2618 forged piston is able to withstand the damaging effects from detonation to a higher degree than the lower cost 4032 forged pistons, especially non-forged hypereutectic pistons such as Speed Pro or Keith Black, and many others.

Our Wiseco forged pistons will clear most any valve size on the market with ease, even with the use of large lift cams.

We have built approximately 3500 engines using the Wiseco pistons. The engines have been for street rod and strip use. We have seen no problems, nor have there been any complaints. They are an excellent product in every respect.

These pistons are also suitable for use with nitrous or blower set

These pistons are also suitable for use with nitrous or blower setups. For the slight increase in cost, this is the best value on the market.

 photo unnamed9.jpg photo unnamed2.jpg

Vendor Name

Wiseco Pistons.

Product Type


Product Model

Race series for street/strip

Engine Displacement (


Engine Family

Ford - Windsor block 9.500"


2618- Forged Aluminum

Base Bore (in)


Stroke (in)


Rod Length (in)


Compression Height (in)


Top Type

Rd Dish.

Net Head Volume (cc)


Deck Thickness (in)


Valve Pocket Cutters

2.250 I - 2.250 E

Valve Pocket Depth (in)

.250 I - .250 E

Wrist Pin Diameter (in)


Wrist Pin Length (in)


Wrist Pin Weight (g)


Pin Lock Type


Ring Set #


Top Ring Groove Size


Second Ring Groove Size


Oil Ring Groove Size


Top Ring Land (in)


Second Ring Land (in)


Bottom Ring Land (in)


 photo dart-logo-red-1.jpg


Pictured below is the new Dart SHP block. This block is the absolute ultimate in quality, durability, and value.

 photo dcb55886-0967-4daf-93f1-927eea0a2b8e.png

This is a file photo. Appearance may vary.

This short block kit is not assembled. See our other listings for this in assembled form.

We also offer this setup in various bore and piston volume sizes. See our other listings.

We are often asked if the Dart SHP block is able to handle high horse power builds. Our answer is that if you're building this for street and strip applications, then this block will handle most any buildup you do. 800+ HP builds are not uncommon with this block. Durability and longevity with high horsepower builds are not a problem with this block. NOs, twin turbo, blower, high compression builds are also not a problem. You will also find this block used in many marine applications.

Pictured below is our Centroid cnc block machine. The machine stands nearly 10 feet tall and weighs approx. 6,000 lbs. A huge difference in what you see at most machine shops.

 photo KGrHqNl0E65RhsgrBOKDNNP60_3.jpg

Pictured above is our Centroid DRX 750 at the SEMA show. All were impressed by this machine's performance. It would be fair to say this is one of the most advanced block blue printing machines on the market.

SCAT 4340 FORGED CRANKSHAFT & King HP bearings.


The Scat crankshaft is brand new, first line product. Beware of sellers offering no name cranks. We have seen many issues with the no-name cranks on the market. Best way to tell if a seller is offering a no-name crank or rods is the fact they don't mention the brand.


  • 4.00 Stroke Crankshaft
  • 4340 Fully Forged.
  • 6.200" Connecting rod length
  • Cleveland Main Journals
  • Precision ground
  • Chamfered oil holes for improved high RPM oiling
  • Horsepower rating: To 800+ HP RPM Rating: to 8000 RPM
  • Photobucket  photo 3a_1_sbl.jpg

    Our choice of rods are the Scat Competition Series rods with ARP cap screws.


    The Scat Competition Series rods are far superior to conventional Scat style I-beam rods.

    If you do a search on the Scat Pro-Comp rods, you will find a vast amount of info on many car forums. All of the info is 100% positive. These rods are run in engines that not only produce high horsepower levels, but also run at continuous high RPM. Notice the general appearance in the pictures. These rods do look impressive. The style is reminiscent of a steel billet rod.

    The Scat Competition Series extreme duty I-beam rods with ARP 8740 cap screws are not to be mistaken by the model name, "Pro-Comp" These rods are made exclusively by Scat. The final finish work on both ends of the rods is performed in the USA by Scat Industries. We are now using these in all of our Stage 4 and 5 sbc engines. These engines are making up to 630hp. We also use the 6.385 version of these rods in our big block 540 engines, making approx. 700+hp.

    If you do a google search on the Scat Pro-Comp, (Competition Series) rods, you will find a vast amount of info on many car forums. All of the info is 100% positive.

  • The ultimate I-beam rod that incorporates the strength and technology of the H-beam rod.
  • One rib cap design for added strength and bearing support
  • Polished and shot peened beams to eliminate stress risers
  • Profiled clearance for stroker applications
  • Special hollow dowels and huge 7/16'' cap screw bolts greatly increase strength and horsepower capabilities
  •  photo KGrHqQOKnUE64YDRDGrBOyDOflOeg60_12-1.jpg  photo KGrHqMOKjsE6QcBRNyBOyDOfP0860_12.jpg

    We have noticed some engine builders using low cost generic rods and crankshafts in their engines. These non-branded, (no-name) products are often poor quality in many ways. You will notice many of the low end engine builders fail to mention the actual brand of the rods or cranks used in their engines. Upon further investigation you will find such parts not to be a branded name product. They may label these parts with a name, but one that is totally unrecognizable in the industry. Our experience in years past with such rods and cranks has been disappointing to say the least. Besides the obvious issues such as incorrect sizing and machining that is difficult to correct, the questionable alloy these items may be produced from and the potentially incorrect heat treating methods used, could prove to be disastrous. Little can be done to verify this and nothing can be done to correct it. Failures of such critical parts will usually result in catastrophic damage to the engine. As you may have noticed, this is why we specify the brand name and series of every part used in our engines.

    Many of the inferior "no-name" rods on the market will also have "no-name" rod bolts in them. We have seen these bolts before, and they are very low quality. They don't have ARP's rolled thread design, and they don't torque down with the same characteristics as a genuine ARP bolt. It's not just a matter of having a different brand bolt in the rods; these bolts are low quality in many ways. They have been known to fail in engines to a much greater degree than a high quality rod bolt, and this failure usually causes catastrophic damage in the engine. Beware of rods that don't mention the rod bolt brand. As far as we're concerned, ARP bolts are the only brand we would ever use or accept in a set of rods.


     photo ProStreet4dampershires.jpg

    Pro Street Series, made by Pro Race Performance Products. Non S.F.I. internally balanced, (non-weighted)


    We have noticed others using a low grade knockoff brand balancer. They are substandard in our opinion, not just in appearance, but they are usually out of spec from what we have seen. The timing marks were also poorly marked on some of the balancers we have came across. We know of several competitors using these balancers. The Pro-Race brand is a much better product in our opinion. We have used the Pro-Race line of dampers since 2005. Failures are few and far between.


     photo tci-399373.jpg

    HEAVY DUTY FLEXPLATE. This flexplate will resist cracking and warpage, leading to imbalance in the engine. One good telltale in identifying a cheap flexplate is the lack of welding on each side where the plate mates to the ring gear. They usually have a pale grey color to them, as they are not coated, and will rust quickly. Ours are welded on both sides, and are much thicker than an OE plate. Our HD plates are either zinc dichromate or black powder coated. We would never use the thinner OE plate on any high performance assembly. We have noticed several sellers using the light duty flexplates with their assemblies.

    We do offer this assembly with a manual flywheel. See our other listings. In most cases we do have both sizes, 157 and 164 tooth, available.

    WARNING: the flexplate and crank have a dowel pin hole. You must align the flexplate and crank dowel pin holes, but do not use a dowel pin. The flexplate was aligned to the crank when we balanced the assembly, and must be installed the same way.


    Many rotating assemblies we see are not using the most suitable parts. We hope you value the fact that we have put together an above average assembly. Please read the full listing.

    You can easily replace your flexplate to an exact match, should you ever need it. You would have to send us your damaged plate to match it.

    We offer this assembly with selected upgrades. Listed below are some of the most requested ones. Many not only improve performance, but further enhance the reliability and longevity of your engine, along with resale value.

    SFI Certified Flexplate: This is a very low cost upgrade and may be required when racing your car at certain tracks. The flexplate that comes with this assembly is a heavy duty plate, but the SFI certified plate is one step up in quality and safety. This SFI plate is made in North America. We noticed these have much less run-out and warpage than we see with many other plates on the market. Plates with too much run-out and warpage can cause a host of problems for your transmission and starter, and affect balancing. The low cost to upgrade to this is well worth, it in our opinion. These flexplates are available in both diameter sizes.

     photo BMM-20230_xl20-20Copy.jpg

     photo BMM-20230_xl.jpg

    SFI damper: Offers an extreme level of safety against breakage, and is very resistant against slippage of the elastomer damping material. SFI dampers are not only made from a better grade of steel, they are also constructed differently and have a much better appearance. They usually last much longer than a non-SFI damper. Many drag strips require this on engines producing high horse power levels. The SFI certification is laser etched into the side.

     photo ProSport_SBChev-2_1.jpg

    Crank polishing: Extends bearing life, reduces oil temp, frees up a slight amount of average horsepower. This is a very low cost upgrade, and in the world of mass production, most cranks do not come with a true polished finish. This is why most machine shops have a machine to do this. The difference is dramatic between a crank right out of the box and one that we have polished. Bearing companies claim that cranks that have better finishes on the journals will survive the break-in better, and have much longer bearing life. We do a two-step process and bring the RA numbers down in the single digit range. We have the most advanced crank polishing machine on the market.

     photo CRANK20POLISHER.jpg

    Clevite Bearings: We find the Clevite bearings to be a somewhat better product overall. Clevite is what we now use in all of our engines. This is not to say that King bearings are faulty in any way, but under certain conditions, we have seen fewer problems develop with Clevite bearings during break-in. We have sold King bearings for many years and do not hear of problems from our customers, but our experience on the dyno has shown the Clevite bearings have a better surface appearance upon tear-down after many dyno passes.

     photo unnamed1.jpg

    Rod to cam clearancing and sizing: We know exactly where and how much to cut the rods for correct cam clearance, and sizing the big end and wrist pin bushing on the Sunnen machine saves a trip to the machine shop. All rods, regardless of brand, should be checked for sizing on a Sunnen machine, and corrected if needed. You will seldom see a complete set of rods that have perfect sizing on both ends right out of the box.

     photo ROD20MACHINE202.jpg

     photo ROD20MACHINE201.jpg

     photo ROD20MACHINE203.jpg

    Race balancing: This is for those who want the engine to operate virtually vibration free at high rpm. Extends engine life and frees up a few more horse power. This is a somewhat labor intensive procedure and is not required, but the feel of an absolutely vibration free engine at high rpm is desirable by many. The standard balance job that is included with this assembly at no extra charge is certainly sufficient. With a race balance job, all pistons and rods are match weighed to within 2/10's of a gram or less, and the final balance is brought down to around 1 gram plus or minus. An ultra smooth engine at high rpm has a noticeable feel and sound to it. If you do not opt for this upgrade, the assembly will still be fully balanced. We spend a good hour and a half doing the regular balance work, and it will certainly meet your needs.

    Scat H-Beam Rods: Recommended for those running hard. The Scat Competition rods that come with this assembly are sufficient for most street rod uses, but the Scat H-beam rods will most likely offer more security against rod breakage under hard use. The H-beam rods have a 750+ HP rating. We have seen others offering no-name H-beam rods with no-name bolts in them. We have found such rods, and the bolts they come with to be inferior compared to any of the name brand rods on the market.


    ARP-2000 rod bolts: This is one upgrade that we find to be very valuable. It is the rod bolts that are most likely to fail under hard use, rather than the rod itself. When a rod bolt fails during high RPM, total engine destruction is usually the result. The ARP-2000 rod bolts are a very good upgrade, in our opinion. We actually have few, if any, problems with the regular ARP-8740 bolts, but those who run hard always upgrade to the ARP-2000 rod bolts. The ARP-2000 rod bolts also torque at a higher number, and this increased clamping force is also a factor in keeping the big end of the rod stable and true to size. The ARP-2000 bolts are installed in the rods and this upgrade is available in the Competition rods that come with this setup, or the H-beam rod upgrade.

     photo arp-2566301_3530201.jpg

    Block prep package: This upgrade includes notching the block on our Centroid cnc machine to allow additional clearance for the crank if necessary. We also de-burr the block, hone the lifter bores to spec, chamfer the top of the cylinders, and lifter bores, and install the special Dart cam bearings and freeze plugs. The block is then thoroughly cleaned in our block washing machine. We find this upgrade essential for those lacking the proper equipment or knowledge to perform this correctly.

     photo 2f49cdf5-4e58-454d-bbc9-ad792921366e.jpg

    Preparing the block in our Centroid cnc machine for precise notching, if necessary.

     photo WAHSING20BLOCKS201.jpg

    The blocks are washed in a dedicated block cleaning machine.

    Pictured above is the final rinsing and drying to remove the cleaning solvents.

    The upgrades above are all available in our other listings. Some of these are often requested by those building an engine without a machine shop. We find most of these upgrades very valuable for those wanting to take longevity and durability to the next level. They are all bottom end related, and that's an area worth investing a few more dollars into, in our opinion, especially if you’re planning on running long and/or hard. These upgrades are also valuable for your build history on your engine, and would certainly increase the resale value of your engine, should you ever sell it.

    A final note.

    Our eBay user id is: skipwhite, and our eBay store name is whiteperformance1. You may have noticed other sellers using a similar name offering similar products. We feel they have capitalized on our name as we see it, and many customers searching for us will inadvertently find them, thinking we are one in the same company. There is only one "Skip White" We are the original premier eBay seller under this name since approximately 2002. We have no other eBay names, nor are we associated with any other company regardless of the similarity in the name or location. Our official company name is Skip White Performance. Pictured below is our company logo. Our new address is 1910 Brookside Lane, Kingsport Tn. 37660


    Skip White

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