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Speedmaster BBC CHEVY 454 4-Bolt 12-Point Main Stud Kit # 2424---PCE287.1004



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Speedmaster BBC Big Block Chevy 454 4-Bolt 12-Point Main Stud Kit (Studs Set)

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Chevy bbc 4 Bolt 12 Point Main Stud Kit

Speedmaster engine studs are premium-grade, race-quality studs that are created from aircraft quality 8740 high tensile strength chromoly steel, withstanding up to 190,000 PSI .They are ground and thread-rolled after heat treatment to ensure the exacting tolerances that Speedmaster requires for all of their fasteners. This ensures strength and consistent torque readings. All kits come complete with 4130 heat-treated, parallel-ground washers and high-strength 12-point nuts.

We strive to keep our prices low, and due to the high volume that we purchase, this allows us to have the best price in the country. Many garages will buy several sets at a time just to have them if the need arises. Our shipping prices are usually the lowest you will find.

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    1. From ebay user t***r

      delivered quick, good parts for installing heads

      Reviewed by t***r on Aug. 28, 2019, 9:53 a.m. | Permalink

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