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2007 Cadillac Escalade



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2007 Cadillac Escalade
One owner, purchased new in 2007

 photo 64249d72-02fb-4bf7-a854-65ed4c3e8657.jpg

This vehicle was purchased brand new in 2007 The vehicle belonged to our company founders father who has recently passed away.
The Escalade runs and drives excellent. The interior is in excellent condition, and the vehicles overall condition is very nice. The vehicle has never been wrecked. This vehicle is in the Dallas Fort Worth region. Senior citizen operated since new. Never has the vehicle been used to pull a trailer nor haul a gaggle of children around town year after year. Maintenance was performed exactly when due. Tires have approx. 50-60% tread life on them. Not saying this vehicle is flawless. There are a few very minor door pecks, but fortunately they are not in the broad center of the doors. There are a total of two on the wheel well lip, and very minor. The nav. system has a dvd stuck in it. The Bose sound system works perfectly. The sunroof also works as it should. The rear auto lift tail gate seems to be operating only on occasion. The AC works very well.

We just had a state vehicle inspection done, and it passed with no issues. The inspections in the state of Texas are not easy to pass for many used vehicles of this age.

 photo 7da16608-69bb-4077-83ad-ef9a4dce30fe.jpg
We will be posting many more pictures and details about the car in the days to come.

 photo 7ab10e20-829f-4827-95cc-8dbbbd5466c8.jpg

22 inch wheels.

 photo a70e228b-b3f3-498f-a374-44bd93aa7af3.jpg

More pics to come, and info on this car.

 photo d2866ff3-d9a9-4375-8e46-129fa89f1244.jpg

 photo b93aaa78-7999-436d-90d0-4f3fef641e52.jpg

 photo 779bb781-e35f-4769-8d9b-021960b54e2b.jpg

Never hauled anything in the back section. Side panels are in perfect condition. Rear folding seats were never used. This does have the rear drop down TV screen.

 photo 5e7df158-2dad-4d8d-93fa-e29e46db278f.jpg

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