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Pictured below are our fabricated valve covers on one of our new BBC engines. These are our most popular valve covers for our high end BBC engines. We have taken several pics of the engine at various angles, indoor and outdoor lighting, with and without flash to give you a good idea of how they may look on an engine. They actually look good in any type lighting, in our opinion. The workmanship and welding on these valve covers is very good compared to others we have seen.
 photo 2bef9a4b-0616-4e58-860b-3aa357d4921c.jpg
The welding is first class. The billet rails on these valve covers is approx. .225" thick. The aluminum sheet metal is approx. .075" thick. We know many on the market to be much thinner in these areas. This is why many other sellers fail to mention these specs.
 photo 9cb8609b-9a85-496f-a838-14c7eb89224e.jpg
Front angled view
 photo 23e8a0df-33c0-4764-9e47-0f622b9a68d3.jpg
 photo 51b419ba-927a-4fab-994b-ef041a9f6eec.jpg
Extreme close-up below of the first rate welding and workmanship.
 photo 6248-S20PIC204.jpg
Angled side view. You may notice some smudges and hand prints on the valve covers in these pictures. This engine was just pulled off our dyno. This was not noticeable with the naked eye, but was enhanced by the camera flash making it somewhat more noticeable. You will receive a brand new set in the box. No mounting hardware is included.
 photo 268ba5e0-8d34-476e-b948-31a5064d0086.jpg
Close up pics below showing excellent workmanship unseen in many others on the market.
 photo 6248-S20PIC203.jpg
Side view outside in glaring sunlight.
 photo BBC205.jpg
Close-up pic. of detailed workmanship and welding. We recommend the use of our stud and mini nut set to fasten these valve covers. They not only look great but they secure the valve covers better than a typical bolt and allow for great ease of removal and replacement of the valve covers.
 photo BBC204.jpg
The inside height is 3.30" not including the valve cover gasket. These valve covers will accommodate most roller rockers on the market. Some of the over sized aluminum roller rockers may pose a clearance issue in the corner area of the valve cover. A simple modification to the rocker is done by grinding the outermost corner a slight amount. This is standard in the engine building industry and causes no problem whatsoever to the rocker. The reason the corners on the BBC valve covers are somewhat rounded and tapered is to allow clearance for items in the engine bay such as power brake boosters and other various devices. Most stud girdles on the market are not a problem with these valve covers. These are considered a tall valve cover. The billet aluminum rail is approx. .225" thick. This is thicker than many on the market and has a dramatic effect on reducing oil leaks.
Most of our BBC engines we build use this style of valve cover. We offer several styles but this is our most popular. We also offer these with a polished finish. See our other listings.


Important Note.

We have used these valve covers on thousands of our high performance engines for over 10 years without any issues. On occasion, you may notice a slight degree of warpage on the rails before installation. This is due to the heat generated by the massive amount of welding done around the outer edge of the rails. This warpage is not a problem. When the valve covers are bolted on, they will pull down flat and seal well. Any micro amounts of variation left over after you have bolted them down will be compensated for by the gaskets. Any and all fabricated valve covers with such welding on the rails will have this characteristic. It's simply not a problem in the least. We dyno many of the engines using these valve covers. The engines are brought up to considerably high rpm levels, and rarely do we ever see any signs of oil seepage. They seal very well. The extra thick valve cover gaskets we use do an excellent job of sealing around the valve covers: Part number 7483-ET. See our other listings for these. Every engine we build uses the extra thick gaskets.

When we dyno a brand new engine, the crankcase pressure is higher than normal until the engine rings seat. This causes the oil to seep from any possible exit on the engine, such as around the valve covers and gaskets. We had always used our regular black neoprene gaskets on the engines but on occasion had to use the extra thick ones due to stud girdle clearance with certain heads. Our engine builders noticed that the extra thick valve cover gaskets had virtually zero seepage as compared the regular neoprene gaskets. As we see it, the extra thick gaskets are the key factor in eliminating seepage. Extra thick valve cover gaskets also give the engine a more pronounced (wide/tall) appearance.


The finish on these valve covers may on occasion have very minor cosmetic flaws on them. In the world of mass production, it's to be expected. The massive amount of welding on the rails can sometimes leave small spatter marks in some areas. You may also see very minor scratches in the finish. These flaws are only noticeable upon close observation. Once mounted on the engine, these very small cosmetic blemishes are not noticeable from a distance of several feet. In most cases, the valve covers are flawless or nearly flawless. There are some very high end fabricated valve covers on the market that cost four to five times as much, and on those you may even find minor flaws, but it's less likely due to their extreme cost. As mentioned above, you cannot see these minor flaws from the normal viewing distance standing in front of the car.


These valve covers do have an internal baffle.
8092-8 BBC photo BBCSHORTBOLT9092-8.jpg
This is a very good quality set of valve covers. Beware of others offering similar valve covers for a lower price. Fit and finish are often compromised.

8092-8 BBC photo BBCSHORTBOLT8092-8PIC2.jpg

The finish on these valve covers is slightly brighter then what the pictures show them to be. Most people prefer this finish over any of the others on the market.

These valve covers have a satin brushed finish.

See our other listings for valve cover accessories.


Very Important Note!


Our sales staff has limited technical knowledge on this product and are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. See our other listings for variations of this product.




    We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product.



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