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This is mix of various items that we are phasing out.They are all brand new items that we have been selling for several years. Due to a lack of space in our facility plus a few other factors, we are offering this package of various items at a great price. The items in this kit retail for approx. $500.95 or more. We are selling them at 50% off. 

Accel Plug Wires #4065 Will fit a variety of Chevy vehicles. $39.00 retail value.


You may add items into your shopping cart but in order to check out you will have to call us. Our check out feature on our website is being upgraded at this time. We can take your order over the phone and answer any technical questions you may have. We accept all major credit cards, cash, check, and money orders. Just give us a call at 423-722-5152 and we can process your order promptly. In the event you attempt to reach us outside of our operating hours, please leave us a detailed message and we will return your call at our earliest opportunity.

4065 ACCEL WIRES photo IMG_0191.jpg

50% off major performance retailer's price

ACCEL CHEVY WIRES photo IMG_01781.jpg

Female style ends

or Male style caps

These wires have four straight plug boots, and five 90 degree plug boots. This was a very common setup used on most of the GM 305 and 350 engines from the factory in the approx. year ranges of 1986-1995. Some vehicles may have used a different wire so be sure before purchasing that they will work for your application. The picture above shows the Camaro application, as it is the most popular. The application guide shows many years of the Caprice using this part number also. The application guide above can tell you if they are a direct replacement for your vehicle. If you have headers, these wires may pose an issue due to some of them having a straight boot. As mentioned four of the wires in this set have a straight plug boot on the end, and the other others have a 90 degree angle boot on them. It is not uncommon to step outside the recommended application guide on plug wires as long as your using them on the correct or similar engine family. 

The four straight boot wire lengths are 18.7" 36.7" 24.9" 29" The five 90 degree wires lengths are 29.4" 25.5" 25.7" 33.5" 19.6" and coil wire is 9.5 all in inches. This kit has included a ninth plug wire for applications requiring one of the wires to be a different length. The coil wire is only used on applications such as the TBI engines. The TBI and TPI engines have the coil outside of the distributor. The wire length numbers above are the actual yellow cable length, not including the boots. If you add the boot length it would be fair to add approx. 1.2-1.7 inches to the overall length. We have had many customers use these wires on various engines that are not in the application guide. You will have a grand total of ten wires in this set. Some have purchased two sets of the wires due to the very low price we have them at, and made up two sets of wires for V-6 engines or in line 6 engines. Remember you will receive nine plug wires and a coil wire with this set, so the applications are somewhat broad. 

The boots that attach to the distributor cap are for the common HEI male style cap.

Factory sealed, brand new, first line product. 

Brand new factory sealed

 8mm is more than enough for any electronic ignition system on the market. Do bear in mind that these wires sell for more than double this price at all major retailers. Do a web search on part number Accel 4065. You will clearly see this is the best value on wires you will ever find.


Assembled   Yes
Diameter (mm)   8.00mm
RFI Suppression   Yes
Wire Color   Yellow
Distributor Terminal Ends   Male/HEI
Distributor Boot Color   Black
Distributor Boot Material   Silicone
Spark Plug Boot Ends   Stock
Spark Plug Boot Color   Orange
Spark Plug Boot Material   Silicone
Coil Wire Included   Yes
Conductor Style   Spiral core
Quantity   Sold as a set



Brand new, factory sealed




$49.00 Retail Value.


LCD Readout: Yes
Backlit: No
Power Supply: Two LR44 batteries
Quantity: Sold individually.
The Hot Rod Calculator allows instant, on the spot, calculations of how engine changes and at track vehicle setup changes can effect power output and track performance. Easy to use formulas for the professional or novice will show you how engine changes like compression ratio and air fuel mixture effect your engine's power and torque outputs. At the track, see how things like gear ratio changes or weather conditions can effect your E.T. (accurate weather data required). Hot Rod Calculator - Street and Strip performance calculator for use by racers, engine builders, and automotive enthusiasts. This is the chance to know up front how changes will translate into power and performance, so before you spend your time or money, use the Hot Rod Calc to get the answers. It is equipped with pre-programmed formulas for engine building and track tuning. Quick reference guide with 100's of formulas are included for ease of use. Easy to use, self contained, no additional computer or monitors required (accurate weather data required for some ET calculations). Hand held, take it anywhere, and includes a protective Armadillo case at no additional charge. Use to do any mathematical calculations related to engine performance and vehicle E.T. Two LR44 batteries and protective case included.

Mr. Gasket's street and strip performance calculators are the first ET predictor calculators with built-in motor building and performance solutions. Use it to calculate temperature, elevation, pressure, and moisture. You can instantly calculate how changes in your car's engine and fuel system will affect performance. Includes two L-R-44 batteries, user guide and a protective case.
A note from our company president, Skip White 
I find the Hot Rod Calculator a very valuable tool. It will educate you on the positive or negative changes made to your car and or engine. Gearing, weight, horsepower, and dozens of other important factors are addressed. Knowing how your car will perform with different setups and settings is very important. You will be surprised at the difference gearing can make in et. This calculator uses similar programming used on dynos to correct hp and torque numbers for elevation, temp, and other factors. This has to be the handiest device for setting up an engine and car I have ever seen. One more very valuable tool is the compression calculator. It is very easy calculate your compression, and see what changes you need to make on head combustion chamber size or piston style when building your engine. Our engine builders think that everyone into high performance should own one of these.

  AEM DRYFLO OIL FREE AIR FILTER. 14"x3" Part number, 27-10016DK

Easy to clean, reusable, and greatly improves air flow as compared to conventional lofted paper air filters. These air filters cost approx. $59.00 on the retail market. We find the dri-flo technology superior to the oiled K&N filters. They also look much better than the dirty white lofted paper filters.

Actual comparison specs for the AEM air filter. 

Manual Transmission Shift Knob Hurst 1632008 A $25.00 VALUE 

Spectre 17385 Chrome + Billet Aluminum 1-1/4" Push In Valve Cover Oil Filler Plug Cap $16.00 VALUE. 
Spectre Performance 1-1/4" Push-In Breather w/Grommet Triple Chrome Plated Steel $15.00 value.

SBC Steel Core Rubber Valve Cover Gaskets with rigid steel center. Small Block SB Chevy 350 305 283 327 400 383. These are very high quality and reusable. $25.00 value.

SBC CHEVY HEAD GASKETS FITS 327 350 383 UP TO BORE SIZES OF 4.125. These will work with cast iron or aluminum heads. Retail cost is $28.50 
Spectre 45183 Chrome Ignition Coil Cover Bracket Vertical or Horizontal Mount $16.95 Retail value. This chrome coil cover is very high quality with a great chrome finish on it.
Spectre 46723 Exhaust Header Bolt Kit 3/8-16 x 7/8" w/Tool Grade 5 Steel. 5 gold anodized $20.00 Retail value.

Mr. Gasket 4592 7in Timing Tab Mr. Gasket - 4592 - Fits 7in Damper Timing Tab - Timing Tab $10.00 retail value.


Same as above but fits 8 inch dampers. Mr. Gasket 4593 7in Timing Tab Mr. Gasket - 4592 - Fits 8in Damper Timing Tab - Timing Tab $10.00 Retail Value.


Spectre Performance Carburetor Mount Stud Kits 42523

Carburetor Mounting Studs, Bullet Nosed, Black Oxide, Gold Iridite Washers/Nuts, 2.0 in. Length, Set of 4 Retail Value $12.00


Mr. Gasket 1009MRG Mr. Gasket Distributor Hold-Down Clamp - Chrome. Retail value $13.50

Fits all Chevy distributors.

20230620_141917 (1)

Mr. Gasket Bolt Caps 5/8" 16mm - Chrome - Mr Gasket #8909G 10 PACK. Each box of ten will have a different size. You will rec. a total of 40 cards with your order. Total retail value is $35.00 x 4 = $140.00


Mr. Gasket Bolt Caps 9/16" 16mm - Chrome - Mr. Gasket #8906G 10 PACK. You will rec. a total of 40 cards with your order. Total retail value is $35.00 x 4 = $140.00 We have actually seen these priced higher when purchased in smaller quantities. 


Mr. Gasket Bolt Caps 7/16" 16mm - Chrome - Mr. Gasket #8900G 10 PACK. You will rec. a total of 40 cards with your order. Total retail value is $35.00 x 4 = $140.00


Mr. Gasket Bolt Caps 1/2" 12mm - Chrome - Mr. Gasket #8904G 10 PACK. You will rec. a total of 40 cards with your order. Total retail value is $35.00 x 4 = $140.00 You now have all four sizes of the bolt caps to cover most every bolt on the engine and many others in the engine bay.


Pictured below are some of our engines with the bolt cap covers on them. They can be easily painted to the color of your choice. The cap covers have a self adhesive material that will hold them on. We usually used a dab of engine sealant, (silicone) to prevent them from coming off. They really beautifies any engine in our opinion. Notice the head outer head bolts in the picture below.


Pictured below is our company founder's previous 406 engine that was in his Pro-Street Datsun 240Z car. The bolt caps really stand out on it. 




Paint the bolt caps any color you desire or leave them in chrome for a striking look of contrast against black components.





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