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PART # 1620-16


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Rocker Arm Mounting Style: Stud


Rocker Arm Ratio: 1.7

Rocker Arm Style: Full roller


Stud Size: 7/16 in.


Shims Included: No


Rocker Arm Material: Chromoly steel


Self-Aligning: No


Rocker Arm Body Style: Standard


Rocker Arm Nut Style: Polylock


Rocker Arm Finish: Black oxide


Quantity: Sold as a set of 16


The new Ultra Pro Magnum™ Roller Rocker Arms not only live up to the lofty standards of the original Pro Magnums™, but they also take stud mount rocker performance, stability and value to a whole new level. The modern arched, web-like design delivers increased strength and rigidity while still reducing the moment of inertia and optimizing the dynamic balance.

Very Important Note!


Our sales staff has limited technical knowledge on this product and are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. Many of the questions are, "how do you install this item", and "what pre-load to set them at". Opinions vary on this to a great degree, but anywhere between a 1/2 turn and up to a 3/4 turn seems to be the minimum and maximum. We update the info in our listings on a regular basis, and if it's not in the ad, then there's a good chance our sales staff does not know the answer. There is a solution to this for those with numerous questions about the product. We recommend searching the car forums for technical info. You will find the answers you need on the forums for certain. For those needing help on installing these, you can go to YouTube find dozens of highly informative videos showing much of the info you need.




    We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product.



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