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Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra-Spark 50 Ohm Universal Spark Plug Wires # 22711



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Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra-Spark 50 Ohm Universal Spark Plug Wire Set

8.5 mm

Part # 22711

SBC Chevy V-8



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Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra-Spark 50 universal spark plug wires provide high performance, but with the flexibility to tailor them to fit your V8 application perfectly!



They come with pre-installed 90 degree spark plug boots, and include early OEM socket-style and late-style HEI plug distributor terminals to make sure you're covered.



Get maximum performance with a custom fit using Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra-Spark 50 universal spark plug wires.



 photo dfa2a41e-ddc6-4e79-a0a0-61d47fa592d9.jpg


Max-Fire® Universal spark plug wire sets feature the same high quality as our model specific sets, but give you the flexibility to tailor them to fit your V8 application perfectly.


Each set has the spark plug boot pre-installed from the factory. They include early OEM socket style and late style HEI plug distributor terminals to make sure you’re covered.


The 22711 set with 90° boots include the following wire lengths; one 50", one 47", two 43", one 39", one 35", two 31".


Each set includes eight spark plug wires (varying lengths), 11 points style terminals, 11 HEI plug style terminals, nine straight distributor boots, nine 90° distributor boots, one distributor to coil wire and dielectric grease.


Max-Fire® Ultra-Spark® performance spark plug wires are manufactured from highest quality materials to help deliver maximum voltage, ensuring ultimate performance.


These wires have an extremely high EMI/RFI suppression, along with a very low resistance to help deliver the most spark possible. They feature a heavy duty 8.5 mm diameter silicone jacket to protect the Kevlar spiral wound core from heat, moisture and chemicals.

The Ultra-Spark 50 spark plug wires are engineered for high performance engines that need all the voltage they can get for maximum power output. They are made with wire leads that deliver a low 50 ohms of resistance per foot for maximum EMI/RFI noise suppression. This makes them ideal for engines with aftermarket high performance upgrades that require maximum voltage.


Features Include:



· 8.5 mm diameter reduces voltage leak for improved performance over smaller diameter designs


· A spiral wound Ferro-magnetic Kevlar core that creates an effective EMI choke, along with high dielectric strength inner insulation


· Silicone jacket is chemical resistant and won't crack or shrink when exposed to extreme temperatures


· Engine specific applications are made to length for a perfect fit


· Universal applications can be cut to length during installation for a custom fit


· Features high-quality snap and lock style terminals for easy installation


· Engineered for use with automotive, marine and industrial engines


· Meets SAE J2031 Class E specifications



· Made to meet or exceed O.E.M. specifications




 photo 8b9feaaf-b645-445f-b149-bf13acd6bcb8.jpg


A note from Skip White, company founder.


The Edelbrock Max-Fire Ultra Spark wires are premium grade wires. They have the same specs as the top of the line MSD Super Conductor wires. The Edelbrock wires have a 50 ohm impedance per foot rating and are 8.5 mm in diameter. As you may know, plug wires come in many different grades. These wires are on the high end of the scale. They are also totally suitable for use with HEI distributors and capacitative discharge ignition systems such as the MSD Pro-Billet distributors that run the 6AL box. Most of the lower grade wires on the market have a much higher level of resistance and are usually only 8.0 mm diameter. The lower the ohm rating the better. Edelbrock wires are 100% made in the USA.








Distributor Terminal Ends


Male/HEI and Female/Socket


Distributor Boot Color




Distributor Boot Material




Spark Plug Boot Ends


Eight 90 degree


Spark Plug Boot Ends (degrees)


90 degrees


Spark Plug Boot Color




Spark Plug Boot Material




Wire Color




Diameter (mm)


8.50 mm


RFI Suppression




Coil Wire Included




Conductor Style


Spiral core


Spark Plug Wire Resistance


50 ohms/ft.




Sold as a set



Very Important Note!


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