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These lifters are made by Morel in the USA. You may recieve them under the label Morel or Howards or PBM/Erson depending on availability. All are identical and made by Morel Lifter company. We are now receiving them with actual Morel logo on the tie bar. Morel doe's private label for many cam companies and it's fair to say that when they are out of the lifters with the actual Morel name on the tie bar, they will send us the ones with various cam company names on them. They are aware were an engine builder and that most of these lifters go into our engines, and the name on the tie bar is not important.

RETRO STYLE HYDRAULIC ROLLER LIFTERS FOR BBC BIG BLOCK CHEVY ENGINES. You will receive one full set of lifters, enough to complete one engine build, (8 pair) These lifters are made by Morel for many cam companies. There is no difference between the, Morel or Howards label and the PBM Erson label.

The pictures below are file photos. Actual appearance may vary. BBC lifters will always have the offset tie bar, and sbc lifters will have the straight bar.

 photo 999ae08c-a407-4830-b9b9-bc6525af61a1.jpg

The picture above is an SBC pair of lifters and the ones below are of a pair of bbc lifters. The tie bar on bbc lifters is offset. As mentioned these are labeled under the Howards name or the Erson name. Both are identical and made by Morel. This ad is for the bbc lifters and you will receive the lifters with the offset tie bar as pictured below.

 photo 06d6f6d2-c740-475e-8bce-621f421ff079.jpg

These lifters are designed for bbc engine blocks, later or early style, as well as aftermarket blocks such as Dart, World or GM Bowtie series. The retro style refers to the fact that these will work in early style blocks that never used roller lifters as well as blocks that did use roller lifters. These are to be used with hydraulic roller camshafts. We have extensive experience with these lifters in our engine program.

Howards brand roller lifters are premium quality. Made in the USA Rated for up to 6500 rpm. These are the type lifters used in all of our street/strip engines.


Brand   Morel or PBM Erson
Manufacturer's Part Number   91167N or SL931
Part Type   Tie Bar Lifters
Lifter Style   Hydraulic roller
Lifter Link Bars Included   Yes
Link Bar   Vertical
Lifter Outside Diameter (in)   0.842 in.
Lifter Offset   None
Quantity   Sold as a set of 16.

Howards Cams and PBM Erson Street series retrofit hydraulic roller lifters are designed by Morel for street performance enthusiasts who want to upgrade to a hydraulic roller camshaft. They are manufactured to fit early or late model blocks, including blocks with tall lifter bosses. These use cold form technology to shape their bodies for durability. The lifters are then carbonitrided and tempered for hardness. They also feature hardened and tempered steel alloy roller wheels, heat-treated stainless steel cross bars, and high-alloy steel tie bar buttons. These street series retrofit hydraulic roller lifters are made in the USA by Morel and are specifically designed for street applications up to 6,500 rpm.





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