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Quick Fuel Cast Fuel Pressure Regulator 4.5-9 PSI, Part # 30-803



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Quick Fuel Cast Fuel Regulator, 4.5-9 PSI, Part # 30-803


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STD PRESSURE REG. 30-803 photo 94070ca1-be5f-4717-8395-1495d7dc477d.jpg

Quick Fuel Technology Pressure Regulator - Cast body with powder coated black top. Features 30cc diaphragm and mounting bracket with hardware.

3/8" NPT ports (single inlet, dual outlet)

Supports 4-barrel gas engines up to 600 HP


Designed to operate within 4.5 - 9 PSI range

Preset at 7 PSI


.250" (1/4") restriction



 photo b0870634-02ac-43fd-a871-95963b822f2e.jpg

STD PRESSURE REG. 30-803 photo bf617053-e3df-4d5f-981f-ab2f63d9f979.jpg

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