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These valve springs have a flat ribbon internal damper, with a dual inner spring. The internal damper is very effective in calming spring harmonics at high rpm, and offering greater overall stability to the outer spring. These springs are for use with a hydraulic roller camshaft. Not for use with flat tappet cams. Made in the USA by Comp Cams. See our other listings for a full selection of valve springs. We now use these springs in all our engines.

Most low cost valve springs are inferior to these, in our opinion. Ratings are usually inaccurate, and quality is compromised. Power loss will result from springs that have taken set, become lazy, as it may be called, much like the springs in a worn mattress. Low grade springs are notorious for loosing their vibrancy much sooner than a high quality spring. One more problem with such springs is that they are very prone to contributing to valve float at high rpm. If your springs are not quick and at the proper lb. rating, then they not only have trouble closing the valve, they also tend to cause the lifter to bounce at the peak point of the cam lobe. Springs that are rated too low are sure to cause power loss irrespective of wear. Standing height 2.350" in a relaxed state.

This is full set dual springs with internal dampers in each. This is a total of three components in each spring.

Some sellers refer to the internal damper as a spring and it is not. The damper does provide a slight amount of spring action but it is not classified as a spring. This auction is for a true dual spring setup.

We have used Comp and Melling valve springs for many years and have yet to experience one failure. There are several low grade springs on the market that we have encountered and we found them to be very inaccurate on lb rating, not to mention their progressive rate is erratic. This may sound like sales hype, but take our word on this. We know of many sellers offering springs that not only have lb ratings that are incorrect, but the quality is poor overall. Having the incorrect springs for your cam will most certainly cause problems.

These springs are exactly what you need for a hydraulic roller camshaft in the upper lift range. These springs are higher pressure than normal. Often used on cams with lift ranges up to approx. 650 lift. Not for use on any type of flat tappet camshaft. If you have a hyd. flat tappet or solid flat tappet camshaft, see our other listings for that spring kit. You should always use new locks and retainers with new springs. We offer many of the much needed hardware associated with valve springs. See our other listings.

You can vary slightly on recommended spring ratings for your cam and not have an issue. Give us a call if you're not sure what you need. When a cam company says what spring rating they recommend, they are telling you what is most ideal, but just remember one thing, if they do tell you that you have to have that exact spring rating, they will also tell you that they just happen to carry that spring. As said, the rating they recommend is most ideal, but does not have to be exact.

Number of Valve Springs per Valve: Dual (2)

Outside Diameter of Outer Spring (in.): 1.550 in.

Coil Bind Height (in.): 1.085 in.

Damper Spring Included: Yes

Spring Rate (lb/in): 473 lb/in

Inside Diameter of Outer Spring (in.): 1.137 in.

Inside Diameter of Inner Spring (in.): 0.737 in.

Valve Spring Style: Standard

Coated: No

Quantity: Sold as a set of 16.

Notes: We purchase these in bulk for our cylinder head and engine programs directly from Comp Cams. The product is then repackaged by us for retail sale. This is the only brand of valve springs we recommend.


From the asphalt tracks of NASCAR to local dirt tracks and drag strips to your personal garage, COMP Cams has made a promise to all performance enthusiasts to engineer and produce the best camshafts available for your application.


For more than 35 years, the COMP Cams® mission has never changed: to produce the highest-performing products possible, provide customers with superior service, and to lead the industry in technological development. While the COMP Performance Group™ has grown to multiple companies and hundreds of employees, they still retain the competitive spirit and desire to be the very best that has positioned COMP Cams® as the absolute leader in valve train components.

COMP Cams® has never forgotten that performance is defined by results - both at the track and on the street. COMP Cams® is driven by technology. The integration of research, engineering and development at COMP Cams® is what we call our "Systems Technology" and it consistently proves itself by out-performing the competition. Whether you're looking for horsepower, reliability, or gas mileage, COMP Cams® has the products that will deliver.

We purchase most of our valve train hardware in bulk for our engine program. Therefore, they will come to you in our packaging on most occasions. Below are copies of our invoices from Comp Cams showing rather large purchases of valve train hardware. We have removed the price and our account number for privacy reasons. This is the best way we can prove to our customers that the valve train products we use and sell are genuine Comp Cams products.

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Our sales staff has limited technical knowledge on this product and are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. See our other listings for variations of this product.

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