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Rings not included. The correct size rings used with these pistons is listed below in the piston spec chart. We offer the correct rings for these pistons in our other listings. The part number is # CR069030 DROP IN We have used these exact series of rings in our engines for many years.

Our custom made Wiseco pistons are rated very high in the street/strip performance industry. Wiseco normally offer several grades of pistons, starting with the lower grade Pro-Tru Street version made with 4032 forged alloy. The next level up would be the professional series that are much more expensive and made from 2618 aircraft alloy and have fully machined crowns rather than the as cast crowns that are on the Pro-Tru series. Our Wiseco pistons are custom made for us, and have both of these premium features, 2618 Alloy, and fully machined crowns. All premium grade forged pistons on the market have these two unique features and usually cost around $800-$1100 per set.



We have built approximately 6000 engines using the Wiseco pistons over the past 10 years. The engines have been for street rod and strip use. We have seen no problems, nor have there been any complaints. They are an excellent product in every respect.

Important note

Many customers have asked us what size they should bore their block at to allow for a proper piston to wall clearance. The required clearance is built into the piston already. For example if these pistons show a given size such as 4.030 then that is exactly what you will bore the block to. The actual size of the pistons when measured at the skirt, 1/2 inch above the tang will show to be approx. 4.026. The needed clearance is built in. Should you be using these pistons in a marine app. where the boat receives it's water from the lake, then an additional 1.5-2.0 thou. would be added to your final bore size, and some forced induction apps may also require a slight increase in bore size. 

These pistons are totally suitable for use with mid level nitrous or blower setups. Extreme level builds that are making hp numbers in the 1000 hp range will require a set of custom made extreme duty pistons.


Important Note

The -13.5cc RD dish piston is the perfect size dish piston for those running the very common 64cc combustion chamber heads on pump gas. The compression ratio this creates with a 64cc head is most desirable for just about any medium to serious build. We had these pistons custom made for those wanting their compression range in the 10.6-10.8 range. We find the compression ratio for flat top pistons to be a bit on the high side for a pump gas street rod when used with 64cc heads. Many people choose the flat top piston to obtain a decent quench/squish zone. What they don't realize is that our Wiseco dish pistons have the inverted/RD (reverse dome) design to them. You still get all the benefits of having a very good quench/squish without the unsafe amount of compression. We use the -13.5cc pistons in our most aggressive pump gas street rod engines. The compression range they produce is certainly in line with cams in the 560-600 lift range.

Compression Ratio Chart

The calculations below assume your pistons are at zero deck. Let's say your compression calculates out to be 10.50 for example based on having the pistons at zero deck (flush with the deck), but your pistons were going to be .005 in the hole, then the comp. ratio would only drop to 10.36, and if left .010 in the hole, then it would drop to approx. 10.22 We do recommend having your block decked to allow the piston to set anywhere from flush (zero) to .005 in the hole for optimal performance. We used a 4.125 head gasket diameter, and a .040 head gasket thickness in our calculations to come up with our comp. ratio values.

We have highlighted in red the compression ratio for the bore size and piston volume using several popular combustion chamber sizes. 

Part Number

Cylinder Head Volume





406/408 Assembly

Static Compression Ratio

4.155 Bore





Our Wiseco Forged pistons are custom designed with an increase in compression height. This has many advantages. Here are a few facts about compression height and deck height.

Our custom made Wiseco pistons have a compression height that is .015 taller than nearly all catalog pistons on the market. We find this to be a very valuable feature. Since our pistons sit at a taller than normal compression height, you will only have to remove approx. .010 off the deck surface of a virgin block to achieve a zero deck. This also allows for future deck re-surfacing and still not ending too far below stock deck height.


Leaving the deck on your block thick makes for a stronger block that resists flexing and also runs cooler, as the deck thickness has a lot to do with the dissipation of heat. Blocks with decks cut down to any great amount are also prone to cracking. This is why our pistons are designed to sit flush, (zero deck) at .010 below stock deck height.


Since nearly all catalog pistons on the market sit .025 below the surface of a virgin block, the only way to achieve a zero deck using such pistons would be to cut .025 off the deck surface. This compromises the integrity of the block, in our opinion. Should you decide to leave the block deck higher up, using such pistons creates a new issue of having a very poor quench/squish zone. The only way you could really take advantage of a catalog piston is by having a block that needs to or has already been butchered down to 9.00 deck height. At that point, we don't think you should not use such a block. Having the piston sitting flush with the deck is very desirable, regardless of the fact that your overall compression ratio is slightly higher than if it were sitting below the deck. 


We have found that 95% of our customers are using a virgin block or a block that is close to stock deck height. This is why we have designed our pistons to have a taller compression height. On very rare occasions, you may end up with a block that has the piston out of the hole by a few thousandths and this not a problem at all. Most head gaskets are approx. .040 thick, and should you end up with a quench zone of .035, then that is perfectly ok. If the quench zone ends up too far below .035, then there are plenty of .050 thick head gaskets on the market. One more benefit to this is that most machine shops charge much more to deck a block down from stock deck height to 9.00 than they would to do a light cleanup, and that's all that's needed when using our Wiseco pistons.


Another good feature about our pistons having a taller compression height is that the ring land above the top ring is much stronger by being .015 thicker. When pistons encounter the effects of detonation, it is not uncommon to see pistons with the ring land above the top ring broken off. The thicker ring land also makes a better heat sink. 

You may have noticed that our Wiseco custom made forged pistons are referred to as Racing Pistons on the package. This does not mean that the pistons are for racing only. This is a generic term, referring to their ability to be used in high performance applications as well as for street rod use. These pistons are perfectly designed for use on the street, as well as for medium to upper level drag racing. 

Our custom made Wiseco forged pistons are made from 2618 aircraft alloy. We find this alloy to be much more suitable for high performance engines than the common 4032 forged alloy. You will usually see the higher end pistons on the market using 2618 aircraft alloy. 

Why go with 2618 forged pistons? If you encounter certain tuning issues, detonation is highly probable, and its effects can cause severe damage to your engine. The 2618 forged piston is able to withstand the damaging effects from detonation to a higher degree than the lower cost 4032 forged pistons, especially non-forged hypereutectic pistons such as Speed Pro or Keith Black, and many others. 

Our Wiseco forged pistons will clear most any valve size on the market with ease even with the use of large lift cams.

These pistons are also suitable for use with nitrous systems up to approx. 250hp and superchargers up to approx. 15 to 17lb.s of boost. For the slight increase in cost, this is the best value on the market.



 photo unnamed9.jpg photo unnamed2.jpg

 These pistons are for use with full floating bushed rods, or press fit. The compression height is 1.140  2 valve reliefs. Ring groove size, 1/16 1/16 3/16 See full piston specs below. 


Rings not included. The correct size rings used with these pistons is listed below in the piston spec chart. We offer the correct rings for these pistons in our other listings. The part number is # CR069030 DROP IN We have used these exact series of rings in our engines for many years.


 photo unnamed.jpg

Item Code


Vendor Name


Product Type


Product Model


Engine Displacement (


Engine Family

CHEVROLET - Small Block V8


2618 Forged Aluminum

Base Bore (in)

4.125 + 30 

Stroke (in)


Rod Length (in)


Compression Height (in)


Top Type

RD dish Top

Net Head Volume (cc)

-13.5cc D-cup dish

Deck Thickness (in)


Wrist Pin Diameter (in)


Wrist Pin Length (in)


Wrist Pin Weight (g)

Piston ONLY Weight 

APPROX. 122 grams.

APPROX. 485 grams.

Pin Lock Type


Ring Set #


Top Ring Groove Size

5/64 in.

Second Ring Groove Size

5/64 in.

Oil Ring Groove Size

3/16 in.

Top Ring Land (in)


Second Ring Land (in)


Bottom Ring Land (in)



Sold in sets of 8.

We offer these pistons in flat or dish style as well as dome top, and most other bore sizes. See our other listings.


Very Important Note!


 Feel free to ask any questions you may have about these pistons. Many of the questions asked are if we have pistons for certain applications. Please check our wide variety of pistons to see if what you need is listed before asking if we have a particular size. Be absolutely sure that you select the correct bore size and piston volume before purchasing. It is also important that you know what rod length you have. The rod length required is clearly stated in the ads. When searching for various size pistons, you can simplify your search by using common key words in the search bar. We update the technical information in our listings on a regular basis.

We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product.





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