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The items in our clearance special will be selling at well below cost prices. These items have accumulated in our former warehouse that we're converting to our new additional machine shop for building engines. In the past, we would sell these items at local swap meets and other various selling venues. Due to time constraints, these items have to go.
Go to our store to see many hundreds of such items.
There are many reasons as to why these items are being closed out. Listed below are some of the many possibilities. Most all these items are in perfectly new condition. No gimmicks. We are in a rush to get our second machine shop up and going.
  • Left over stock of an item that was discontinued in the past.
  • A few have become slow sellers for us, as our business has shifted into high value items such as engines, rotating assem. and cyl heads.
  • We have purchased some items in bulk that were discontinued and have many of these items still in stock.
  • We're trying to clear out space for our new engine room and we're in a rush to do so.
  • Acquire funds to build our second new machine shop for building engines.



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Beware of other sellers offering a similar pan for less. We have seen some of the low quality aluminum oil pans on the market, and our oil pan is much better in fit and finish in our opinion.

Important Note: We do not make reference to "left hand or right hand" dipstick in any of our oil pan ads. This has caused numerous errors for many people purchasing an oil pan. The problem is that many people's point of reference to left and right hand is different, as in left hand sitting in the car or standing in front of it. Please don't ask us if the dipstick is on the left or right side, just use the reference of "driver side or passenger side" in the description of the ad. It's impossible to get it wrong this way. As you may have also noticed, we do often include the year range that these oil pans are intended for, and that will only be useful if the car has the original engine in it. Often these older cars have had an engine replaced in them over the years, and it very well could have the dipstick on the opposite side. Also beware of some engines having changed from a 1pc. rear main seal to a 2pc. rear main seal style or vice-versa. This is very common. We might also mention that our reference to driver and passenger side is for cars built in the USA for use in this country. As you may know, many countries choose to put the steering wheel on the wrong side of the car to accommodate driving on the wrong side of the least, that's the way we see it.

Aluminum cools the oil much better than a conventional steel pan, as it dissipates heat much faster. The ribbed area aids in this also. You will see these on many show cars. They are much more resistant to leaking, as they have a very flat mounting flange, and look outstanding. The cost is only slightly higher than a cheap painted steel pan. Chrome oil pans tend to leak from day you put them on. The bolt holes on these pans have a raised boss to distribute pressure along the rail, allowing for a better seal.


Read this ad completely before purchasing this pan.

See our other listings for many oil pan related accessories.

Skip suggests investing in the neoprene steel core gasket that is used by most machine shops. This gasket is a masterpiece of work. It is a single piece design, made for two piece rear main seal blocks, and almost guarantees no oil leaks for the life of the engine. We use them on every engine we build. You do not have to use this type gasket with this oil pan, but it is certainly resistant to leaking, and is reusable. We would not think of building an engine without this type gasket. You may use the standard cork gaskets for sure, but as you may know, GM two piece rear main seal engines were notorious for leaking within a couple years and even sooner. GM now uses the premium style gasket on all newer vehicles.

There are two different style single pc. gaskets on the market. This oil pan uses the thin front seal version. Fel Pro makes both the thick and thin front seal single pc. oil pan gaskets. You should use the thin front seal style pan gasket part number, Fel Pro OS34509-T or its equivalent. See our other listings for many oil pan related items, and accessories. You can still use the conventional style low cost oil pan gasket on this, but the neoprene single pc. gaskets are far superior in our opinion.

Note from our company president, Skip White:

Most if not all aluminum oil pans on the market may require minor clearancing in corners of the tunnel area to obtain a perfect fit, some more than others. The reason you don't see this issue too often with steel pans, is that sheet metal steel pans tend to form themselves to the contoured surfaces, as they are more flexible. They have just as much of an imperfect fit as the aluminum pans.

There are some aluminum oil pans on the market that cost over $600. They are fabricated sheet aluminum made for race engines, and always need custom fitment in the tunnel area to obtain a perfect fit. Our machine shop has used them many times, and never have they not needed minor modifications around the tunnel area to obtain a perfect fit.

We don't want to sell this pan to you and lead you to believe you can slap it on the engine, and it's going to have a glove like fit. Sometimes the pan is perfect, and sometimes it could use a bit of help from a dremel tool to obtain a perfect fit. This is a very easy task to perform. There are no oil pans on the market that guarantee a perfect fit every time. You may not have to do anything to the oil pan, and if you do, it's at the corners in the front and rear tunnel areas.

We have been told by many that the oil pan did have a perfect fit, but why not check it before sealing it to the engine and finding out after the fact? We have never seen the aluminum oil pans to fit perfect every time. We know of some sellers claiming to have an aluminum oil pan that is a perfect fit every time, and we know this to be false. They have even put this false information in their subtitle. They know that we have said otherwise in our ads, and want you to believe they have a better pan than what we have. The truth is they do not have a perfect fitting aluminum oil pan, and could care less if your engine leaks. The labor to repair a leaking oil pan can be very high in certain vehicles.

If you called Milodon, and ask them if all aluminum oil pans have a perfect fit in the tunnel area, they would tell you no, but they would also tell you that to make it perfect is a very simple task. It is the corners of the tunnel that are often the area lacking a perfect fit. When you lay the oil pan over the gasket, you want the corners of the tunnel to fit well. If the corner is a bit too thick, it will hold the oil pan up and cause a leak in the tunnel area.

We also strongly recommend using a high quality sealant in the tunnel areas, EVEN IF YOU ARE USING A SINGLE PC. NEOPRENE GASKET. Don't let anyone tell you that these type gaskets don't require sealant. That is false. We learned this the hard way years ago. No engine builder would dream of putting on an aluminum oil pan without checking the front and rear tunnels, especially at the corners near the timing cover for fitment. You may have to spend five minuets or less to make it perfect, and that's part of building an engine.

As mentioned above, aluminum oil pans will not form around the tunnels as well as a steel pan, due to the rigidity of the pan. The aluminum oil pan will seal better than a steel pan if the above is addressed, and use the single pc. neoprene gasket with a high quality sealant and you'll actually have a two pc. rear main seal engine that is very resistant to leaking, and a much better setup than GM achieved back in the day when oily engines and driveways were a way of life. I sure remember spending a lot of money on engine Gunk products.

The information above is critical to having an engine that does not leak. The reason so many people have problems with leaks is that they slap a new oil pan on, use a cheap conventional cork gasket, dab a little bit of cheap or worse yet, wrong type sealant, and expect it not to leak. Chrome over steel oil pans are not only a problem, but most of them are from companies using out of spec dies. Chrome over steel timing covers are just as bad. We have never sold them, and never will.

The aluminum oil pan we have is the very best on the market, but you still need to check the fitment before installing it. I would say that 80% of people installing a brand new oil pan will have leaks from the moment they start the engine. It is not a cut and dry job, such as installing a set of valve covers. We have rejected many oil pans in the past due to poor workmanship around the flange. I do know that all of our oil pans are very high quality, and seal better than most of the low cost pans on the market.

An aluminum oil pan gives an engine a refined look, providing it can be seen, but just the fact that it will shed a few degrees off my oil temp is reason enough to have one. Most all new cars have them. That should tell you something right there.

Skip White


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