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Felpro 1206 intake gaskets.

You will receive the pair of intake gaskets only.

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These are the correct intake gaskets used on all of our sbc NKB and Dart Pro 1 heads and many others. These gaskets pair well with most intakes on the market. We also offer the 1205 Felpro intake gaskets in our other listings.

Port Style: Rectangular
Port Height (in): 2.210 in.
Port Width (in): 1.310 in.
Thickness (in): 0.060 in.

Important note

You may have noticed some Felpro 1206 gaskets include the end pieces that are used at the front and back of the intake manifold. We do not include these, and we DO NOT recommend using them. It is well known that these end pieces are prone to pushing out and creating an oil leak. The better solution is to use a high quality sealant between the block and intake pad. You could ask 100 lifetime engine builders if they recommend using them, and we're certain most, if not all, would say not to use these end pieces.

If you find your intake sitting too low once mounted on the engine, you may require the thicker version of these gaskets. The correct part number for the thicker gaskets would be Felpro 1266. There are many reasons this can happen, including intake design, head design, or you may have a block that has had the deck cut down a considerable amount. Usually a combination of several factors may cause the need for the thicker gaskets. The thicker gaskets are approximately double the thickness of the regular ones.

Very Important Note!

Our sales staff has limited technical knowledge on this product and are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. Many of the questions asked are if we have gaskets for applications other than the ones listed. We do not have any other gaskets available other than what our listings show. For technical info on this product, refer to the gasket manufacturer's web page.

    • We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product.

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