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This water pump has a cnc machined aluminum impeller. The rotational weight reduction is considerable. Most all other water pumps have a stamped steel or cast iron impeller. This water pump is considered high end street/strip grade. These water pumps sell for over $150 at all major retailers. For those wanting a lower cost water pump, see our other listings.

8012-P FINAL photo fc2c062d-3697-493c-867e-06c1425a0b1e.jpg

Notice the outer housing on this water pump. The style of the housing may vary. The housing sometimes does not have the spiraled ribs on it, but rather a straight ribbed design. They are from the same manufacturer.

 photo 073ff624-2518-4e99-afa2-9cf2da5915a2.jpg

The polished finish overall is very good. You may notice that the finish may not be as smooth in the crevices and corners. This is only noticeable up close, and we know that all polished water pumps have a similar appearance. A dremel tool with a polishing tip would certainly bring it to perfection with ease, or Mothers Polish products has a mesh kit that is especially made for this.


This is the last water pump you ever have to buy!

Warranty is valid regardless of street or strip use.

Below is an excerpt from our ad for the lower grade water pump with the cast iron impeller. It's fair to say that the same or better results can be expected of this water pump. Do bear in mind that the alum. impeller in this water pump is designed to reduce rotational mass and dissipate heat at a faster rate, and that s a plus for any car.

Pictured below is the pump with the back plate removed to expose the cnc machined aluminum impeller. This is a far superior pump compared to those with stamped steel or cast iron impellers. This is a very expensive upgrade, and well worth it, in our opinion.

This unit is all aluminum and will flow water unlike any others we have tested. Continue reading!

Here is a little story to prove our point.

We had just installed a 383 stroker engine in a 79 C-3 Corvette and had converted it to electric fans and could not stop the car from running hotter than we were comfortable with. The temp would soar to 235 in as little as ten minutes. We then replaced the OEM cast iron water pump with one of our aluminum water pumps with the aluminum impeller. We knew that aluminum water pumps, especially those with an aluminum impeller, could reduce operating temps, and it certainly did reduce the engine temp by approx. 15 degrees. We now use this water pump exclusively on all of the SBC turn key engines we build.

Most aluminum water pumps have stamped steel impellers or at best, machined iron impellers, and claim to be high volume. We have used other brands and styles of water pumps on stock engines that are not modified, and they don't seem to have heating problems, but for vehicles with modified engines, this is the pump to run, and we proved it.

This pump is half the weight of a cast iron water pump with no sacrifice in reliability. For those wanting to paint this pump with a contrasting color, it would come out very nice and take painting well. There are no drawbacks to running this type of pump, other than cost.

If your pump is still mounted on the engine, the way to tell long from short will be that there is nearly no space between the timing cover and back of the water pump IF YOU HAVE A SHORT PUMP. The long pump will have at least one full inch of space in that area.

Please be aware of the many inferior water pumps on the market. We feel this one is the best available. In years past, we have seen inferior pumps that break off at the pump shaft, causing severe damage to the car. Our pumps have had no such failures.

Compare before you buy. We will warranty this pump for LIFE from the date of purchase.

Important notice.

On very rare occasions, we have had a few complaints of water seepage coming from the backplate. We noticed on a very few that the amount of sealant used on both sides of the gasket may have been insufficient. We strongly recommend removing the backplate and coating each side of the gasket with a good quality sealant before installing the water pump on the engine. This is a very simple procedure. The complaints concerning this issue are few and far between. Besides this minor issue, these water pumps have been extremely reliable.

Be sure of the style (long or short) water pump you are replacing before ordering.

Give us a call if you're not sure what model you need, 423-722-5152, and we do have the reverse rotation water pumps for later model serpentine belt Chevy engines. Please see our other listings.

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