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SBC Chevy Speedmaster Mid-Rise Dual Plane Air Intake Manifold # 1-147-007



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Product Information

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PART # 1-147-007
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Engine Block Style: Stock/OEM standard deck

Intake Style: Dual Plane with Divider

Basic Operating RPM Range: 1,500 - 6,500

Intake Manifold Height: 4.650 in.

Intake Finish: Natural

Intake Material: Aluminum


Quantity: Sold individually.

Notes: Intake includes bushings for 1987-1995 iron heads.

Check hood clearance before installing.

This Speedmaster MidRise air intake manifold features the identical plenum and runner design as the normal MidRise. The main difference is that there is an open area under the plenum chamber - a feature that is sometimes referred to as an air gap design. Air flowing under the plenum provides a cooler charge for the incoming air with less heat transfer from the engine. This cooler air charge helps provide additional power and torque.

Important Note.

We offer a full line of the Speedmaster and Edelbrock intake manifolds. Be sure of what style manifold you need before purchasing. For installation tips, we suggest that you check the technical section of the various car forums. YouTube is also a great source for detailed installation instructions.




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