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SBC Chevy Taylor Street Thunder 8mm Plug Wires 50251 Fits HEI & Points, # T10178



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SBC Chevy V-8


Our Part Number, T10178

Taylor's Part Number, 50251

T10178 Street Thunder photo 4b95ac1f-6cbc-4965-9dc0-e4abc95ef9e7.jpg

These 8mm wires will fit either HEI or Point style distributors.
Kit includes eight (8) 90 Degree Spark Plug wires
Lengths Are (2) 54" (2) 48" (2) 36" (2) 33"
and one (1) Coil Wire (33" Long)
Our kit gives you plenty of wire to go either over the covers or out under the motor, your choice.

Taylor Cable developed the STREETHUNDER Wire to deliver great performance at an extremely affordable price that features a low resistance conductor that is wrapped in durable silicone double layer jacketing for heat protection, strength and durability.

  • 8mm silicone and synthetic jacketing resist heat, oil, and abrasion.
  • 500 ohm per foot resistance delivering greater spark energy, while improving power, idle, and fuel efficiency.
  • A combination Kevlar Helically Spiral Wound Vore conductor for greater strength and durability that suppresses Electro Magnetic (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI).
  • Black standard silicone boots protect against high exhaust temperatures, up to 450 degrees.
  • Double Spring Locking Terminals for secure-vibration proof connections.
  • These are Universal Fit sets and will require cutting to fit, terminating, and booting the distributor end. Universal Fit sets are universal for most American made vehicles.

Important note.

We ship the Taylor wires bagged from the factory without the box. This allows us to pass a decent savings on to the consumer. This also reduces shipping weight and cost.

About Taylor Cable Company.

Taylor Cable Products is an OEM and performance company that was built on its founding heritage and supported by a tradition of legendary quality. Known as an innovative company since 1923, Taylor Cable has been setting the pace with quality products such as Performance Ignition Plug Wires, Battery Cables, Wiring Harnesses, Vertex Magnetos and other quality High Performance Ignition and Electrical Components and Accessories.

Taylor Cable’s Corporate Office and manufacturing facility is located in Grandview, MO, a Kansas City suburb, housing 100,000 square feet of manufacturing, assembly, and warehouse space. Throughout the manufacturing process, the strictest quality checks are implemented at every work station to insure that the highest quality parts are being produced to their respective engineering prints. Taylor engineers and technicians are constantly developing and testing new products and processes so you can have the best ignition products and accessories possible.

Our exclusive 100% silicone spark plug wires, battery cables and wiring harnesses are OEM to some of the most well known, quality driven companies in the world, such as Daimler Chrysler, John Deere, Mack Truck, and Harley-Davidson, a testimony to Taylor’s commitment to quality and excellence.

At Taylor Cable, we will continue to strive to develop innovative and highly functional products for the automotive aftermarket.

Taylor Cable will always maintain a commitment to be the first with the best, providing accessibility to our products through a worldwide comprehensive network of quality distributors and retail outlets. Today and into the future, Taylor Cable will continue to fire some of the fastest race and street vehicles in the world.

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