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Schaeffer Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus Oil 10W-30 (12) Qts Part # 709-012 QTS.



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Schaeffer Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus Oil 10W-30 TWELVE (12) Quarts

This sale is for the 10W-30 weight oil.


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Supreme 7000™ Synthetic Plus Engine Oil


Here is a brief outline of the average additive levels in the Schaeffer Oils as compared to Valvoline VR1. We use Schaeffer oil only in our dyno room, and strongly recommend it to be used in our engines. The 10w-30 7000 series oil is totally acceptable to use in one of our brand new engines. It will not interfere with the break-in process. The 20w-50 Micron Moly is also an excellent choice to use in warm weather.
​Schaeffer ​191 Micron Moly Racing Oil
Zinc = 1900ppm
Phosphorus = 1800ppm
Soluble Moly = 350ppm

​Schaeffer ​709 Racing Oil 10w30
Zinc = 2100ppm
Phosphorus = 1800
Moly = 350ppm

Valvoline vr1
Zinc= 1400ppm
Phosphorus 1300ppm
Valvoline vr1​
Zinc = 1100ppm
Phosphorus = 1000ppm
A couple of things worth mentioning. Valvoline VR1 doesn't report any Moly in their oil. Schaeffer uses a soluble from of Moly that bonds to metal under heat, pressure, and movement. Once fully bonded it take over 500,000psi per square inch. Schaeffer Oil has the best base stocks and additives that make it the best oil on the market.

Q. What is "Synthetic Plus Technology" oil?


A. A blend of 100% pure paraffin base oils plus the finest PAO synthetic base stocks with the best synthetic base stocks.


Q. What advantage does it have over commercial grade oils?


A. Most commercial grade oils begin breaking down at 170ºF. Today's engine thermostats are set at 200ºF+. This can cause oil consumption and thermal breakdown. Supreme 7000™ stands a higher heat range than commercial grade oils (up to 250º more). The result is less oil consumption and longer oil life.

Startup is the toughest time on an engine

Because your oil's in the pan, not in the engine, metal grinds against metal when you start your engine. In those first 60 seconds, engineers estimate 80% of your engine wear takes place. Supreme 7000™ protects your engine even when the oil isn't there. Supreme 7000™ incorporates proven friction fighters, Micron Moly® and Penetro®, that plate to the internal parts of your engine and protect it against start-up wear.


Up to 5% fuel savings


That's the average fuel savings gained from Supreme 7000™ in fleet tests. Friction not only causes wear, it also robs you of fuel economy. Supreme 7000™ fights friction in three ways - with Para-Synthetic base stocks, Micron Moly® and Penetro®.


Faster Starts


In cold weather, conventional oil becomes thicker. Engines won't start, batteries drain down, engine parts grind together. But not with Supreme 7000™. Thanks to our unique synthetic blend, Supreme 7000™ flows when other oils won't. That means you'll enjoy faster starts even at -25ºF. And because it's a synthetic blend, Supreme 7000™ gets to critical engine parts fast - up to 10 times faster than conventional oils. Supreme 7000 reduces friction and provides superior protection against damaging metal-to-metal contact. It keeps engines exceptionally clean and free from oil residue and sludge.




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Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus Diesel SAE 10W-30 is blended from a unique combination of the finest quality severely hydrotreated polyalphaolefin (PAO) synthetic base fluids and severely hydrotreated and hydrocracked Group II Plus available. This unique combination provides Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus Diesel SAE 10W-30 with the following advantages:

1. Superior Cold Weather Startability and Operating Characteristics.

2. Superior Oxidative Stability.

3. Excellent Resistance to Thermal Degradation.

4. Excellent Low Volatility Characteristics That Provides Exceptional Oil Consumption Control and Prevention of the Formation of Deposits on Critical Engine Parts.

5. Low Sulfur Content. This ensures that exhaust after-treatment devices are protected against catalyst poisoning and accumulation of particulate material, which can lead to reduced engine performance, due to increased backpressure and ultimately the failure of the exhaust after-treatment device.

6. Extended Oil Drain Capability and Intervals

By preventing metal-to-metal contact, damaging frictional wear is prevented from occurring. This prevention of metal-to-metal contact and reduction in wear results in:

* Increased Fuel Economy.

* A Low Coefficient of Friction.

* Significantly Less Bearing, Ring, Piston, Cylinder and Valve-Train Wear.

* Increased Engine Efficiency.

* Increased Engine Durability.

* Increased Engine Life.

* Less Downtime.

* Reduced Maintenance.


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