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TCI Breakaway Torque Converter 2400-2600 Flash Stall TH350/400 Dual Bolt #240901



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2400-2600 rpm flash stall


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The first step into serious high performance, the Breakaway® is a great torque converter for moderately modified street machines and weekend racers also used as daily drivers. It provides approximately 2400 to 2600 RPM flash stall without negatively affecting part throttle driving. Designed for efficiency at highway cruising speeds and to launch hard at wide open throttle, the Breakaway® is a fantastic all-around torque converter.



Furnace-brazed fins

Needle bearings

Hardened pre-ground pump hub

Computer balanced



Harder launches

Quicker acceleration

Improved low end power

Bolt-in (no modifications required)

1,000+ RPM increase in stall over stock


Fits TH350/TH400 with dual bolt pattern (168-tooth flexplate)


Important note from our company president, Skip White.

Low-grade torque converters are plentiful on the market and are priced far below the high quality units. Their general appearance may look identical to the high quality converters, but rest assured, the build quality is very poor. The performance is

 noticeably poor and failure rates are high. True stall rates are not accurate. These converters often lined up poorly with the transmission spline. Strange noises were often a problem also, and this was indicative of failure soon to come. 


If these low c

ost units were even close to being similar to the high cost units, we would sell them. As a matter of fact, in years past, we did sell them. It wasn't long before we realized they were not the product they claimed to be. The warranty on them from the manufacturer was also a problem. Over the years, we have dropped numerous non-branded products due to quality far below what is acceptable. I can't see any justification for ever running one of these low cost units in a car. You would be better off buying a high quality used converter and take your chances with it rather than one of those low-grade units. It is my strong recommendation that you invest in a high quality torque converter. 


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What is the difference in the terms "Flash Stall" and "Foot-Brake Stall"?


Of the two measurements of stall, 'Flash Stall' is the most accurate. Foot-Brake stall is dependent upon too many variables (i.e. type of braking system, disc or drum brakes, how well adjusted the brake system is, ring and pinion ratios affect foot-brake stall more dramatically, idle characteristics of engine, cam installation for low end torque as needed by automatic transmission).


Flash Stall can be determined a couple of different ways:


1. With the vehicle sitting still and idling in low gear, apply full throttle. As the vehicle begins its motion forward, notice the RPM hand on the tachometer. That is your Flash Stall. (Engine should be very responsive from idle. If not, camshaft timing and/or carburetor adjustments may need to be made in order for engine to be crisp from idle.)


2. With the vehicle in forward motion in high or drive gear and at its lowest mph where it will not kick back to a lower gear, apply full throttle while noticing rpm hand of tachometer. (This measurement of flash stall is best achieved with a full manual transmission.)


What type of clearance should I have between the torque converter and flexplate before pulling the converter forward and bolting it to flexplate?


You should have 1/8" (.125") to 3/16" (.1875") between the torque converter and flexplate before pulling the converter forward and bolting it to flexplate.


Performance enthusiasts often underestimate the critical role torque converters play in putting their expensive horsepower to the pavement. TCI® street/street rodder and street/strip converters are designed by experienced drive train engineers to provide a significant increase in performance on the street or at the strip. With a more efficient stall speed, faster acceleration and better mid-range power, your machine will get the rear wheel power it deserves.

Some special features of TCI® torque converters include furnace-brazed fins for reinforcement and durability as well as heat-treated sprag races for increased strength and lifespan. They also utilize bearings that increase thrust capacity and reduce drag, as well as turbine spline reinforcement welds for increased durability and a heat-treated steel hub that increases converter strength.

TCI® employs a highly specialized production process that involves ensuring that each unit is built to spec. Regardless of category or price level in which a TCI® torque converter falls, rest assured that it has been Triple Tested during assembly.


Once all prep work on the component parts has been completed, the impeller is welded to the front cover. Immediately following this process, a pair of dial indicators is employed on a rotating table to verify that the impeller body and pump drive hub remain true. Each unit is then pressurized and subjected to a leak test to confirm the integrity of all weld seams. Last, each unit is computer balanced to reduce annoying and potentially damaging drive train vibrations that can occur from an unbalanced torque converter. That's Triple Tested, so that you can be confident you're receiving a torque converter that's perfect for your specific application.

TCI Limited Warranty


TCI® Automotive, LLC warrants that all of its products are free from defects in material and workmanship, for a period of 30 days on Racing equipment and a period of 90 days on Street/Strip equipment. The warranty period begins from the date of purchase. We recommend that you keep your invoice or receipt because proof of purchase date is required. This limited warranty shall only cover the original purchaser.


Very Important Note!


Our sales staff has limited technical knowledge on this product and are usually unable to answer many of the questions asked. See our other listings for variations of this product.




      We are not responsible for collateral damage caused by the use of this product.




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